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Li Chen, are our loved ones with us all the time or have they moved on in the spirit world?

This is a very individual process, Dear One, but we will speak generally about how this joyful process works.

The Great Event, of course, is in leaving the body. This means the return home.

There is no one who is ever alone during this process, for when the spirit is preparing to leave the body, the being is instantly surrounded by those beloveds in spirit who attend them and have always been with them. This is always quite a crowd! Perhaps think of them as the hosts of your homecoming party, as well as your spirit guides.

There is always a congratulatory celebration on your return home. Always a joyful welcome — no matter the manner of your death or the content of your life in any given chapter, for you are endlessly loved.

In the process of leaving your body behind, there is generally a backward look at those beloveds still in body. A concern for their well-being, a concern for their grief.

It is as though the door to your true home has been opened and, before you step across the threshold you are reassuring those you are leaving behind that all is well. Of course, you realize they cannot hear you — though often the message is received in one or another way — and you continue into your true home.

When in your true state of spirit, you are able to move at the speed of thought, do multiple things at once and be in multiple places at the same time. This gives the opportunity to continue to visit your beloveds in body as often as you wish.

When you are ready, you will continue forward with your own process. It does not take long at all for you to understand and remember that all is well, always. No matter the apparent danger, or illness or foolishness of your beloveds in body, you are in a place and a state of remembering that all is well. So you carry on with your growth and the tasks at hand for you where you are, content in knowing that your beloveds in body will join you in their time and you will be there to greet them with all the celebration you have been welcomed in your time.

This is a very loving process, for you will generally linger with your beloveds as long as they need your presence. As time passes for them, they are adjusting and you are attending to other aspects of growth.

There is no holding anybody back, no interfering with anyone’s process. This is all done willingly and lovingly. And remember, Dear One, we speak of the general process, not the individual vagaries of each ones choices.

At every step there is guidance and love for all involved. Each one of you is God’s dear Treasure. You are loved, each one, passionately and joyfully. Not for what you have done, but for who you are. Do not succumb to the illusion that you are alone, for no one ever is.

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