Seka Nikolic – World Wide Distance Healing

Seka Nikolic is once again opening up her healing channels to offer the world a chance to experience her unique Distance Healing sessions. See the following dates and instructions for taking part. Anyone can join in by using the electron hand images to connect with Seka at the following times.


FREE Healing Days: – Sunday 26th August 2012 at 18.00 UK TIME

Plus Individual Distance Healing Special Offer – Friday 24th August 2012 – Saturday 25th August 2012

For more information, contact Seka at

or go to:

FREE Worldwide Distance Healing Days – What To Do?

Find a quiet place to sit/ lie/ rest Place your hands over the electron ‘hand’ images Relax for 30 minutes at the designated time and date Let go of your illnesses and blockages Assess yourself over the following week then post or email Seka your feedback

By the word -RELAX- Seka asks you to let go of all your problems/ illnesses/ daily stresses, and be open to receive the healing energy. To help connect with Seka, and for Seka to help focus her energy on you, you should print off the electron photographs of Sekas left and right hand and place your hands upon them throughout the 30 minute distance healing period.

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