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While this month brings in the fall season, we at Merlian News bring in more articles and book reviews you don’t want to miss! Be sure to check our Website of The Month!

This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

New York The Dr. Oz Show – Airing Now! After five years and 55 shows on Oprah, Dr. Oz is heading to New York to launch his own show. Dr. Oz is Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University. He directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He has authored over 400 original publications, book chapters, and medical books and has received several patents. He performs 250 heart operations annually. The Dr. Oz Showpremieres Monday, September 14th, 2009 and is on weekdays at 11 AM & 3 PM EST, Fox 5.

Conscious Eating Chia Seed Gel Smoothie by Fred Liers, PhD, and HPDI’s Kitchen Team

Because chia’s soluble fiber slows and regulates the uptake of glucose into the bloodstream, blood glucose levels rise evenly and steadily rather than quickly. Insulin levels follow blood glucose levels, therefore there is no spike in insulin, and no corresponding “crash” in blood sugar levels…thus keeping energy levels steady, and reducing hunger (due to the body’s not requiring additional sugar in order to compensate for suddenly low blood sugar levels).

Books IAN by Craig Junjulas “During times of great tribulation, messengers from the heavens have reached down to save humanity from falling into the pits of hell. This is one of those times. As we get to know Ian, the veil is lifted and we journey to the realms of these spiritual beings. Ian is considered a problem child because he claims to see energy, communicate with animals, and speak to spirits…. his credo — “What is the worth of a lightbearer who refuses to enter the dark?” He tries to adapt, and survive as a child, but his very existence on this planet has stirred the wrath of the oldest of demons.”

Books Guardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle, Art by Patrick McDonnell

This wonderfully unique collaboration brings together two masters of their fields, joining original words of wisdom by Eckhart Tolle with delightful illustrations by Patrick McDonnell. Inhabited by beloved MUTTS characters, every heartwarming page provokes thought, insight, and smiling reverence for each moment. Sure to be a classic, this charming book will inspire readers everywhere to recognize the lessons of the present moment, as embodied by the dogs and cats who share our world.

Books Scientists, Elders, and Cultural Creatives: Discuss Cosmic Evolution, Space, Time & the Universe The groundbreaking new book, Cosmic Conversations: Dialogues on the Nature of the Universe and the Search for Reality, is a lively and engaging collection of interviews conducted by astronomer Stephan Martin, who talks with some of today’s most innovative and cutting‐edge thinkers on the nature of the universe and our relationship to it. A compelling journey from the farthest reaches of outer space to the innermost realms of the human heart, Cosmic Conversations will change the way we look at the universe and ourselves.

Spirituality A Thoroughly Modern Mystic by Clare Dakin

“Leave your belief systems at the door with your shoes when you enter the room….” In typical Sadhguru style, the words were uttered with a smile that acknowledged the enormity of the request within so simple a sentence. I peered at him, floundering as I considered dropping the ways of thinking that maintained my version of the world in the shape that made sense to me. He might as well have asked me to drop my personality in the corner of the room, which as impossible as it seemed, stirred a surprising longing within me to know what lay beneath.

Spirituality Time for Action: More About 2012 by Stephen Thomson “The energy on our planet is speeding up and time is moving faster. Not just from a sense of time passing more quickly, but that the evolution of humankind is stepped up. At times it feels like something is talked about and within a short period of time, it happens. The lead-lag time in the unfolding of events is minimal or completely eliminated. This energetic shift is creating an awareness that requires us to review our lives in many ways big and small. And we are being asked or forced to make changes…”


Omega Institute

Founded in 1977, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is the nation’s most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. As a nonprofit organization, Omega offers diverse and innovative educational experiences that inspire an integrated approach to personal and social change. Located on 195 acres in the beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega welcomes more than 23,000 people to its workshops, conferences, and retreats in Rhinebeck, New York and at exceptional locations around the world.

Omega has been a pioneer in exploring, teaching, and embracing new ideas, focusing on health and wellness, personal spiritual growth, and self-awareness. The main campus in Rhinebeck, New York is designed to be a healing center, a peaceful oasis in a hurried world.

Individual health and wellness, personal spiritual growth, and self-awareness, however, are not enough if others are suffering and the world is out of balance. To this end, they are also leading the way in creating a sustainable world. As an environmental steward, Omega’s commitment to sustainability includes recycling and conservation, supporting sustainable agriculture, and reducing greenhouse gases through shuttle services and ride sharing. They are now launching a new project to bring all their sustainability initiatives under one roof: The Omega Center for Sustainable Living. The center will include a classroom, a water garden, a constructed wetland, and a state-of-the-art filtration system called the Eco Machine that will treat our wastewater.

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