Soular Astrology with Jude Currivan

As I wrote about in my March newsletter, the solar and lunar eclipses of 20th May and 4th June showed a challenging influence that will continue to impact events for some months to come, associated with possible military actions especially in the Middle East, issues of transport and trade and finance, especially in the Eurozone. With the situations in Syria and the Eurozone crisis worsening, the continuing influence of the eclipses is merging with the other powerful astrological alignments of these next few months. The transit of Venus on 5th/6th June whose influence will also be felt for some time offers us a way of healing these outer conflicts and unsustainable systems through an inner and outer rebalancing and empowerment of the divine feminine and attributes of inclusion and compassion within our individual and collective psyche. Transits of Venus come in pairs separated by almost exactly eight years, as happened in June 2004 and now June 2012 with no recurrence until December 2117. To understand the significance of the pairings of these astronomical/astrological events we need to appreciate the ancient Greek perspective of Aphrodite (Venus) having two aspects; Aphrodite Pandemos and Aphrodite Urania. The former embodies human affection based on conditional love and which thus plays out all its personality attached emotions. The latter aspect of Aphrodite Urania however embodies the non-attachment of unconditional love. The paired transits I consider to embody these two archetypal attributes of love; the transit of 2004 embodying the Aphrodite Pandemos aspect and the transit of 2012 that of Aphrodite Urania. Whilst the former energized female empowerment on a mundane level, this transit I hope will fully express and enable the integration of the divine feminine presence within all of us. To further appreciate the immense opportunity for re-soulution at this key time, we need to consider the ancient perspective of a primordial schism between Heaven and Earth. In ancient Greek mythos this was when the sacred marriage between the Sky god Uranus and the Earth goddess Gaia was ruptured. Gaia, tired of having so many children, betrayed her husband by persuading one of them, Cronus (the Roman Saturn) to castrate his father. Throwing the testicles of the traumatized masculine archetype into the sea, Aphrodite Urania then arose from the bloody foam. Through the grief and rage of the masculine and the shame of the betrayal of the feminine, the trauma of this archetypal schism entered our collective consciousness to be played out in myriad ways over many millennia. In 1781 the planet named after Uranus was ‘discovered’ making visible this influence. The Industrial and Revolutionary Age it ushered in with its perspective of Gaia as no longer a living being but an object to be raped and plundered for resources, driven by us has brought this ancient rupture progressively to the point of breakdown for Gaia and all her children. We now though aided by the energized divine feminine of a reconciled Aphrodite archetype are able to re-consecrate the sacred marriage within us all — a crucial and urgent inner healing. This is especially timely as on 24th June and then on 19th September there will be the first two of seven exact square alignments between Uranus and Pluto over the next three years. These revolutionary and transformational configurations as I’ve written before are likely to powerfully ‘shake us awake.’ Their influence which is both collective and intensely personal is to support us breaking through from our collective unsustainable world-view. Whilst essentially beneficial, it’s still likely to be very challenging and may well be characterised by unexpected and shocking events. By attuning in the 8th chakra of the universal heart and supported by the interwoven cosmic influences of the recent eclipses and the transit of Venus we can nurture the reconciliation of Uranus and Gaia healing the primordial schism between Heaven and Earth and facilitating the transformative power of these Uranian-Plutonian alignments to manifest in the most graceful, peaceful and benevolent ways. Through these times of purposeful turmoil, unconditionally loving non attachment and being in the here and now of the present moment will be enormously helpful in how we experience and evolve our collective awareness with clarity, compassion and co-creativity into a new era.

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by Jude Currivan
Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a cosmologist, planetary healer, international award-winning Hay House author, visionary and educator. Jude is also the author of The Wave, (O Books 2005), The 8th Chakra (Hay House 2006), CosMos — a co-creator’s guide to the whole-world (Hay House 2008) co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo, and Heart, Mind and Purpose (Hay House 2008) a double CD of her teachings and attunements. Her latest book HOPE - Healing Our People & Earth was published by Hay House 4th July 2011.