Spirit Guides by Jocelyn Graef: Part 6 in Great Awakening

Welcome. We are Li Chen. We would like to speak now about your spirit guides, spiritual teachers or guardian angels, as they are sometimes called.

Spirit guides are those members of your spiritual family who are not in physical, but serving you from their spiritual realm. They are part of your team, your spiritual family, since the time of the original separation from source and the coming into individual experience.

Your spiritual family consists of trillions of souls, yet within this vast group there is a gathering of smaller groups, to enable you to work in more manageable format, with greater intimacy and clarity. Some of your spiritual family members are in spirit while you are experiencing corporeal life, others are in body. Sometimes, you are the one in spirit when some of these members are in body.

Those comprising your immediate group are easily recognizable as you look around in your life — your biological or adoptive family, your dearest friends; those you feel resonance with. These are the ones you have much shared history with. You have reincarnated again and again with many member of your group, sharing different aspects of relationship.

As you move in and out of body in your various life experiences, you remain in contact with your immediate spiritual group. As we are here to discuss your spirit guides, we will focus on the role these beings are playing in your life as you experience the corporeal.

There is hierarchy within spiritual families, as there is in all universe, among all realms. There are the leaders who gently guide and direct those who are working their way upwards. Within your small family groupings, each one is guided and led by those whose chosen responsibility it is to serve in this manner. This is gently and lovingly done with innate wisdom and discernment, for those who are the leaders are operating from a higher perspective and able to access greater truths, for they have once been where you are. Each guide, each teacher, has been trained and developed to do this work by their own teachers. The job of Teacher carries great responsibility and much preparation as result.

As each of you grows to a greater understanding, as your spiritual awareness increases, you may also grow into different teachers. Like graduation to different grades in your schools on earth. In this way, you may have several different sets of spiritual guides in one small lifetime. This will depend on your dedication to your quest for spiritual growth. While all beings are surrounded with loving teachers and guides, not all are interested in being served in this manner. As result, not everyone is being actively protected and guided — this depends on free will, the attitudes and desires of the being in body.

We are not saying here that one must believe in order to be served by spirit. No indeed. Many of you have come to believe in the presence of spirit in your lives as direct result of experience that has shaped your belief or changed your belief. We are saying that when there is an inability, as result of attitude and belief system, to benefit from the presence of spirit, spirit simply awaits the time of awakening; a softening, a reaching out.

At the moment of desire for something greater, the person is instantly surrounded by those loving beings in spirit who long to serve your process in their gentle and profound way.

Only requirement to being served is desire. It need not even be desire formed by though — merely an intent, a longing for help or comfort or something, however intangible, to access a greater life than life itself can give in physical plane. This is the rudimentary awakening of spirit within you. The stirring of a shadow of a memory that there is something more than you have known in the physical. It is this awakening that alerts those of your guides in spirit to attend you in their perfect way.

Author, Jocelyn GraefEach of you has a chosen agenda, a plan, when you come into body. This agenda will encompass certain experiences you will have and individuals you will meet through your life, in order to help you fulfill that which you have come to accomplish. Depending on the depth of your desire to achieve these things — unknown, forgotten by your conscious mind — spirit may intervene to serve your process. This may be experienced by a “chance” encounter with a person who may change your life, or an experience that reroutes your life as result of the power of it. It may also come as a feeling of dissatisfaction with life in general, or the awakening of interests you have never had before.

Your teachers will work with you, often unseen and unknown, to get your attention. They do this in many ways, trying this and that, seeking the best way they can serve, so you can fulfill your promise in this life, for you do not remember.

It is part of the nature of human experience to be in your darkness, not knowing where you are from and not remembering the love and joy and belonging that you are temporarily separated from in your individuality. Your amnesia is an important part of your experience, for if you indeed could recall the memory of being in the loving embrace of your greater family, you would feel bereft. The powerful homesickness that would come would make it too easy for you to turn away from your task and seek only to be home. Yet you are here in body to learn the lessons that can only be learned in the physical, through the very blindness that so often causes despair.

You have not been sent here, or banished like naughty children from the embrace of your family, but rather volunteered for this intense corporeal experience. The lessons learned in the physical are profound, when finally learned, and speed you through your growth more rapidly than if you had chosen to stay in your spirit focus.

This takes courage and commitment, for once you have chosen the path of the physical, it can not be changed until the cycle is complete. Depending on your ability to move forward in partnership with spirit and free will, to grow in wisdom and perception, this cycle may take many lives or many thousands of lives.

It is at the point in your spiritual evolution when you consciously seek to know your greater aspect, God, that there is a quickening within you that leads you to your answers. Seek and you shall find. Find and you shall know. There is nothing that is hidden from you. It is your INTENT that triggers this quickening, a desire that is greater than your fears, beyond the tricks and feints of the mind.

It is your beliefs, those that are not based in a greater truth, that keep you in your blindness. You have free will. Freedom to choose what you will believe or not believe, freedom to act or not act.

When your desire to know has triggered an opening within you to have access to greater truth, it can result in much confusion. Is very difficult to have direct experience of a powerful truth, yet not have the understanding to absorb, assimilate or incorporate that truth.

Most of you have an IDEA of truth. Most of you have very elaborate belief system that is result of your training and conditioning, overlain with your own interpretation, and often combined with past life experiences that have shaped emotional response as well. In most cases, you do not have the tools of discernment to differentiate between what is based in truth and what is result of ideas of the mind.

Here is where we begin our most intense work with you. This is the time in your process when we begin to actively work with you. We have been watching and monitoring until the time of action is upon us all. When your desire for emergence is felt, we are there in force to serve you.

The analogy for this process is that of giving birth. This is a most accurate analogy, for this process cannot happen alone. You are never alone, cannot be alone. Nothing in universe is separate or alone. All is connected. There are times of action and times of gestation, times of planting the seed and of birth.

The perfect harmony of the universe is largely obscured from your conscious mind, yet it does not mean it is not thrumming through your being, within and with out all there is, this great and melodic song of creation and growth. Crescendos and whispers, all interwoven, all part of the rhythm of being on all levels, seen and unseen, know and shrouded in mystery.

It is at the time of emergence, then, this great birth, that we are here to attend you as never before. We serve you through the transition of darkness to light; we breathe with you and help to bring you to your awakening, through your struggle and fear, knowing all the time that while you fear what you cannot see and do not know, you still long for this beyond all else.

Merlian House Cherry Blossom - Photograpgh by Dena VentrudoWhen you are finally holding this new awakening, this great emergence, in your arms, the mystery of it is both resolved with the embrace of your conscious recognition, and compounded by the mysteries that still await you. For this is only the beginning.

We cannot tell you what each step of this unfoldment process is, for each one will have a unique experience of their own. We can tell you this: You are only one member of a team. As you awaken, you will have a deeper sense of this connectedness and belonging than before. Rather than feeling lonely, you will tend to seek out aloneness to listen more closely with your inner ear and see without distraction what is being shown you in the depths of your being.

At this stage, your teachers are constantly around you, working with you and guiding you on. You may or may not be able to perceive their presence, depending on your beliefs, as well as their desire to reveal themselves to you. There is no right or wrong here, no better or best. Your experiences will be given as a result of your ability to perceive, as well as a profound knowledge on the part of your spirit guides of how you are best able to grow and move forward.

Often, your teachers in spirit will remain invisible and unknown to you. Their job is to serve your process and protect you as far as they are able, not to distract you with their presence. There is a very real danger that if you were to perceive clearly your teachers presence and words, there may develop a dependency on them to resolve all your decisions for you. This would be counter-productive.

Your job, as physical entity, is to grow in your way through your decision making process in the world, learning through the results of your actions. This is a powerful and most necessary process not to be denied or side-stepped. It is through your actions, as a result of your awareness and understandings that the depth of your lessons are revealed to you. Each action brings a result. Each result brings the reflection of a lesson learned or another created.

Your deeper connection with your spiritual teachers can lead you more quickly to a desired result or a process that will reveal a greater wisdom to you. As you learn to become a conscious partner with the efforts of your teachers, your actions become more aligned with your true purpose in this life, resulting in greater joy.

With the exception of a few who need a greater conscious connection with their teachers, which is part of their path to walk, your teachers will serve you from the background, gently guiding and occasionally bringing you a direct experience to trigger a more acute awareness within you.

Many of you long for a conscious meeting with your spirit guides. This is not denied you. Through meditation, beyond the realm of the mind, you can learn to open yourself their greater love and a conscious seeing of them. Call to them, pray for their presence. As you pray, they are hearing you and in that instant are with you.

In your physical realm, access to the spiritual world is subtle, shrouded in mystery. You can learn to attune to the subtle realms of spirit through meditation and disciplines of spiritual growth and focusing on the calling in of your unseen partners.

Your spirit guides know you better than you know yourself and love you as a mother loves a longed-for child. Their desire is to bring you closer to a greater knowledge, a greater love that you have yet known in this life. They bring you a deeper connection with true self, awakening the aspect of you where the knowledge of your true purpose lives. Their love is unending, your joy their joy, your success their shared success. For we all move forward together, no one being left behind, no one being forgotten.

You, each one of you, is God’s own treasure, bringing your gifts to a world that cries out for them, longing for the knowledge and comfort of wisdom of the spiritual teachers, God’s messengers.

You are blessed by your teachers, as we are blessed by your efforts. Know then, that you are never alone, even and especially in those darkest times when you are feeling afloat without a purpose to connect you. Your purpose awaits you, calls to you. Your teachers are ever available, serving in your times of joy and sorrow alike. You are as dear to us as God, for on your deepest level you are the very God you seek. We embrace you and honor you, as we serve you in your quest.

Jocelyn Graef can be contacted through email at jegraef@comcast.net

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by Jocelyn Graef
A lifelong psychic, Jocelyn began her training in spiritual and psychic development as a young woman. During that early period, she also had the honor of studying Reiki with Hawayo Takata, the source of Reiki outside Japan and the final Grand Master of her lineage. She ultimately became a Reiki Master in order to teach the pure Reiki that Takata taught her.After many years of life experience and spiritual development, Jocelyn became a trance medium, channeling an ancient entity known as “Li Chen.” A Tibetan monk in his last life more than 700 years ago, Li Chen is an ascended master working through Jocelyn to serve this time by bringing a greater clarity to our lives. From this deeper understanding of who we truly are we may walk unerringly forward on our path, understanding our gifts and how best to implement them for greater service. Currently offering sessions with Li Chen over the phone, Jocelyn lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two dogs. She can be contacted through email at jegraef@comcast.net.