Spiritual DIY 11: Expect A Miracle!

Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, December 04, p. 19.

I often explain to my clients that birthdays, and New Year are good times to have an astrological forecast, or a psychic reading. Energetically, these represent turning points in one’s life, and are often good times to review the past year and plan the next one. The festival at the Winter Solstice As we approach the holiday season, and the beginning of a new calendar year, many of us, are also reminded of the time of miracles: a birthing point for the world (Jesus and a new religion). Ancient Germanic and Celtic people celebrated winter solstice, or Yule, reaffirming the cycle (wheel) of nature and the continuation of life. It is the point that marks the return of the sun’s light and warmth. In fact, in Norway, work had to be reduced to a minimum and no wheels could be turned; for that would show impatience with the great wheel in the sky, the sun. As you look to the next year, what’s on your personal wish list? To write a best-seller? Travel the world? Star in a West End production? Our visions or dreams keep us going, and make our lives more interesting. The odds of achieving some big dreams may appear enormous, but even these may prove possible; like the runner, Kelly Holmes, who won two gold medals in the Athens Olympics. Other dreams, like buying a new home, or going on a dream holiday, may appear to be easier to achieve — but the important thing is to have aspirations. Dreams into Reality Here are twelve tips to make your own dreams into reality this Yule: 1) Declare your intention. Intention is the single force in the universe that aligns us with our goals and shifts other forces to help us achieve them. Every journey, even a trip down the road requires a sense of knowing where you’re headed. Otherwise, you’ll wonder around aimlessly. What do you desire to achieve in life? Once decided, you can begin to “think backwards” for the connecting points you need to get there. 2) Chart your roadmap. Outline in simple terms what you will do, who do you need to talk to, how much does it cost, etc.? 3) Review. Every now and then ‘have a break’. While you get feed back, keep your eye on your goal. 4) Stick to a deadline. Be careful not to over research, and loose sight of your goal. You can always gather more information along the way. 5) Make a step. Every journey starts with one step. The greatest paintings started with one brush stroke at a time. Want to lose weight? Give up one food, just for today. Each day, put money aside for that dream holiday. 6) Don’t give up. Be consistent. Commit one hour a day or week to writing that best-seller. Make an appointment with yourself, put it down in your diary, and stick to it as you would a doctor’s. 7) Visualize. See your dream as already happening. As we discussed in earlier articles, to the brain the future and present are the same. Clearly imagine already having or doing what you really want; your brain will go on automatic pilot to reach that goal. 8) Find an example. Learn from other’s experiences and mistakes. It will save you time, and effort. Reading ‘how-to’ books or biographies, for example, can shed some light on ‘what does it take’- or ‘how it went wrong’! 9) Make failure a friend. Resist putting yourself down when you encounter a rough spot. Rejections are vital to your dream making process. Use failures to fine-tune your strategy, and then act accordingly. Most people regret what they didn’t do in life, rather than failure encountered along the way. 10) Reward yourself. Don’t save that champagne bottle for the end. Stay motivated by giving yourself small pats on the back as you make important steps along the way- more productive for the psyche! 11) Be realistic. Becoming a successful writer, for example, may take longer than making perfect mince pie. But if you find that your dream isn’t coming to fruition, learn to be realistic. Either downscale it (be part of a book group, join writing classes) or find another to pursue. 12) Enjoy the journey. Our Olympic winner, Kelly, spoke of her double gold medal achievement saying: “It’s a dream come true and something I have been striving for all my life”. Your big dream may take a lifetime to accomplish, but your journey is as important as the destination. It’s the miracle that is your life. Next month, we’ll discuss New Years’ resolutions, and how to make a success out of them. In the mean time, expect a miracle!

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by Sahar Huneidi
A professional intuitive, gives spiritual psychic readings, teaches meditation, psychic development; and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of Turkish coffee cup reading, and dream interpretation. Sahar is a Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine in the UK and editor of PS-Magazine.com. She lives and works in London- UK.