Spiritual DIY 8: Creativity, Love, & Money

Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, September 2004

***image1***In my psychic readings, I almost always make my clients aware that: creative energy, love energy, and money energy are one and the same. They are almost always surprised! Creativity, love and money are interrelated. These three channels represent different aspects of the vital energy that we are connected to from birth.

What we choose (or don’t choose) to do with it, directly affects which experiences we have, how we express ourselves, and the way we formulate our beliefs and attitudes. Our consciousness evolves through choices we make. In other words, they shape our spiritual growth. Patterns of behaviour and beliefs, whether good or bad, are reflected in our lives, as well as energy field, or aura. Their strength, health, and balance can be measured.

Just as energy patterns can sometimes be seen in our aura; a psychic or a holistic therapist can also detect them during a healing session, a treatment, or a psychic reading. A session can be geared towards working through imbalanced patterns, helping the client to achieve a more harmonious state according to treatment, therapy, or advice. I refer to this as ‘Homework’: steps and suggestions a client can follow to change a pattern and expand their consciousness in order to co-create a better future

Divine Art, Divine Right

***image2***A client may find out for example, that problems in a relationship are not necessarily related to a bad luck in love, karmic or emotional issues. Rather, they may very well be in rooted in this present life, either in the creative or money channel. When one channel is passive, energy is ‘forced’ to flow through the remaining two creating imbalance. In my experience, most clients’ problems (regardless of gender, or culture) stem from lack of creative expression.

Surprised? Ask your self, when was the last time you acted on a creative thought? When did a live concert, a painting, or a beautiful flower stir your emotions? When did you last write a poem, sing in the shower, or attempt a drawing? Last month we looked at The Love Dynamic, and how to get it right. An aspect of getting love right is realising your creative potential (what you are capable of creating). Isn’t this the genesis of creation?

Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within, says:

One could even say that this is how God creates the universe. The fine arts have always been connected with mysticism. Prayer and contemplation have always been in themselves art. Artful. Reclaiming the sacred in our lives naturally draws us closer to the wellspring, the source of creativity.

Developing your creativity: is about ‘becoming more aware of all that there is within us.’ To directly experience reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. This encourages our own individualistic wisdom to develop without being coloured by others’ opinions and experiences. It is about being one with the creative force, a divine time, if you wish.

***image3***Creativity demands your full attention, focus and discipline in order to develop: focusing you in the present. Being ‘in the now’, helps you release attachments to current issues, including people in your life and your own expectations or patterns. This makes it possible to generate other probable futures or outcomes. Creativity flows when we are in touch with our inner natural resources – our divine right.

It follows, the closer you are to your centre the more centred or balanced your energy patterns are, the more you are aware of and in command of your choices, and understand the experiences you attract, and reasons why. Consciousness evolves from the ‘here and now’, allowing you to be well on your way to a fulfilling life — attracting the right relationship, marriage, having children and creating money.

By releasing or unblocking your creative channel, you can experience a harmonious flow in your love channel, money channel and your life.

If you think you are too old to learn a new trick- you will be glad to know that scientifically this is not so! Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan, authors of Lessons from the Art of Juggling; say: ‘as we age, it becomes all too easy to get stuck in a routine. And often, our routine is accompanied by an assumption that education ends when we finish school, and that our mental and physical performance will inevitably decline. In reality, the average brain is capable of improving with age.’

Next time you wonder why God hasn’t done His work in your life, ask yourself if have done yours.

In next month’s issue, we will discuss the Money channel. Till then, Love light and healing.

© Sahar Huneidi, 2004 www.psychicsahar.com , sahar@psychicsahar.com

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by Sahar Huneidi
A professional intuitive who gives spiritual psychic readings and teaches meditation, psychic development and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of coffee cup reading, and dream interpretation. Editor of PS-Magazine.com, Sahar is also a Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine in the UK. She lives and works in London- UK.