Spiritual DIY 9: Kurtching! Mystical Money

Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, October issue, p. 19

Last month we discussed how creative energy is interrelated to, love energy and money energy. Simply put, when one channel is passive, energy is ‘forced’ to flow through the remaining two creating imbalance. Manifesting or draw anything positive to you including abundance, requires being consciously centred.

In previous articles I discussed love and creativity in detail, and I wrote about how developing creativity teaches you to create abundance. This month I would like to focus on money (who wouldn’t)!

Learning About Money

Managing the energy of money is an important part of your spiritual growth. This is because money teaches you how to manage your own energy in a practical and objective way. This includes investing in your self-development and the right love relationships. In other words, to be practical (centred) and objective about how much effort you invest, and in whom and what.

You see of the three energies — money, love and creativity – money is the only energy which is tangible. You can touch it, feel it, and monitor how much is coming in and what is going out. More importantly what is it being ‘spent on’? If you can face up to managing money, in my view, you will find enough courage and inspiration to handle most things in your life. You will also discover, truly, that there is ‘plenty where it comes from’. Energy is abundant!

If you take the responsibility to look after yourself, your own needs and your own future first, then you will find that other things will also fall into place, and you wouldn’t catch yourself saying ‘it’s convenient’ about a relationship or ‘well, it pays the bills’ about a job.

Focus on your priorities

Take responsibility to meet your basic needs first, including not spending money whimsically – i.e. not buy now and pay later Invest in yourself. Look to the future enthusiastically; by developing a future fund or talent.

This will help teach you to be discerning, practical, and forward-looking. In effect you will have become more conscious, and centred. You will then naturally apply those principles in other areas of your life. You will experience being in command of what happens to you, rather than being merely reactive.

‘I shop therefore I am’

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with similar messages, which help in creating our indebtness and consequent unhappiness. Going out on spending sprees, without being aware of why and what we spend our energies on, means that we are ‘out of our centre’. Surely, that is not how you define yourself? Next time you shop, before you drop, ask yourself a simple question:

Do I need this, or do I want it?

In other words, is it part of an objective future plan, or is it lack of awareness? If you need to spend money, to create more, then that is a positive investment in your future. But if you simply want things, then the lack of awareness might indicate that you are off-centre and need to consider other patterns in your life.

The natural state for energy is to flow harmoniously. Think of raindrops that find their way towards a river, eventually spilling into the ocean.

When you don’t express yourself creatively, this dams up your energy that finally bursts out in an uncontrolled fashion: leading to spending sprees, or other dramatic behaviour.

Choices… Choices

One of my favourite inspirational quotations, which, incidentally, goes out at the end of each of the newsletters that I email to my clients, is by Carl Jung: I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become’.

Life is about the choices that we make NOW. I have often heard comments from my clients, such as: “but I can’t leave, I invested X years in this relationship”. Would you have kept, for example, money invested in the same fund if it were unprofitable for X years? Ask yourself, if this decision has made you happy. Perhaps all it means, in my view, is that it took you that long to figure out that it was not worthwhile investing in! Time, therefore, to make a better choice.

As Chuang Tzu put it: “Obey your own destiny; it is often very difficult, but it is the only means of attaining serenity.” In next month’s issue, we will discuss the ‘Spirituality & Change’. Till then, Love light and healing.

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by Sahar Huneidi
A professional intuitive who gives spiritual psychic readings and teaches meditation, psychic development and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of coffee cup reading, and dream interpretation. Editor of PS-Magazine.com, Sahar is also a Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine in the UK. She lives and works in London- UK.