Spiritual Journeys with Stephen Thomson

Psychic, author and spiritual tour leader, Stephen Thompson encourages psychic development of individuals through sharing his personal experiences, knowledge and teachings in relation people’s individualized spiritual journeys.

Known for his lectures and workshops on developing Psychic Senses, Spiritual Magic, Channeling, Numerology, Tarot, Kabbala, etc. – he had also led a Spiritual Journey to El Camino de Santiago, Spain .

Stephen’s upcoming journey will be to Peru.

The teachers in Peru, as well as wisdom teachers around the globe including the Dalai Lama, now refer to the Andes as the new spiritual energy center of our planet. For this reason, Peru is the perfect place for us to focus on planetary service. In return, the vibration of our personal light will be raised by the new energy that is pouring into our planet through the portal of Peru. This invokes a vital Inca teaching, the process of anyi —giving and receiving.

Mystical Peru

October28 to November 10, 2007

Our Pilgrimage to the Sacred Andes is guided by Shaman Jorge Luis Delgado, Steve Thomson, and Francine Hayden and joined on occasion by native healers and other shamans. Together they will guide the group in specific rituals, meditations, and shamanistic practices to experience and honor the energies of these powerful places.

To join Stephen for these events, please visit: www.stephenthomson.net or call (973) 746-9266.


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by Merryn Jose
Steve Thompson's work includes psychic readings, astology, numerology, breathwork, and spiritual mentoring. All of these services are available in person or on the phone, with the exception of the breathwork. I also teach, write and lead workshops and deliver lectures on metaphysical practices. These include expansion of the psychic senses, spiritual magic, meditation, the Tarot, Numerology, the Kabbala, and exploration of eastern mystical traditions and practices.