Spiritual Soap Opera

Most of us are fascinated by our futures and wish to see what will happen. That is the reason why I first explored psychic divination and discovered how to use the tarot. What happened subsequently was unexpected! I discovered that not only can we see our possible futures, but that we can influence it by our own behaviour, beliefs and intentions.

Working as a professional psychic for over 13 years has made it possible for me to receive a lot of feed back from my clients about their predictions. They told me when events I predicted happened, and when things occurred, which I had not foreseen at the time I gave them a reading. I came to realise that we all, in fact, play active roles in creating our own futures (consciously or unconsciously) and I am sure that we can chose to move in the right direction to fulfil our soul’s purpose. However, I found from experience that certain tools, what I refer to as ‘homework’, is necessary in order to change some of our old patterns, which hold us back and block our path; into new behaviours which can give us a more positive future. Over the years I gained a deeper spiritual knowledge of how we co-create, or co-author, our lives and destiny; and a deeper understanding of how we make our future. I saw that our levels of awareness directly affect what ‘physically’ manifests in our lives. Predictive readings helped to outline the map; but doing ‘homework’ was the means by which we followed the right path to our ultimate destination. Once my clients started on their journey they moved from ‘where they were to where they wanted to be’.

My insights were confirmed by those clients who became ‘stuck again’, and said that what I had predicted did not happen. In these cases they were held up because all their homework had not been completed, or because additional homework, or fine-tuning, was still needed! Now, you may ask is homework necessary for everyone, and do they need it all the time? I am afraid, the answer to that, is yes. Co-authoring or creating the life we want is a continuous creative process for all of us; and the more we are aware of this the sooner we can start to manifest our own true destiny. It’s like going to the gym; a couple of sessions are no good; you need to go regularly to see any results. Our lives, you see, are like an ongoing soap opera where we are constantly inviting new actors, writing new scenes, and replacing old scripts with new ones. Our beliefs and the way we react influences what actually happens (next) in our soap. Our life is therefore interactive in the true sense, in a way you can imagine being in your own Albert Square or Coronation Street. I if you think about it on a very basic level, your partner behave in the way that he or she does in a part in reaction to what you do.

In other words, by becoming more aware that we are the directors of our lives, we can begin to recognise that we are ‘creators’ not ‘victims’ of what happens; and this perspective can help us create a better life for ourselves. Simply adopting this perspective can help us begin to integrate what goes on ‘behind the screen’ with what actually happens in our lives, creating more harmony and experiencing less conflict. With constant practice, we align ourselves with our own true destiny.

So, over the next few articles, we will explore principals, themes, or goals like love, money success and happiness; and how to achieve those using simple DIY tools. You can then apply those to any area of your life to help you create your soul’s destiny- your own personal DIY guide to spiritual alchemy.

First step:

New Intentions: begin the New Year by starting your own Spiritual DIY journal where you jot down current feelings and thoughts, your goals, what you want to change and achieve. This will give you a starting point, so you can track changes as they unfold in your life once you start using your new spiritual tools. The more aware you are of what you want to ‘create’, the sooner your life will transform. Try to observe how T.V. soap operas operate! What is the script, and what is the purpose of that scene or character? And how does a particular event lead to another? This will clue you into the ‘game of life’.

We would also love to hear from you if you have used any of the DIY tools mentioned in previous and future articles. Next month, we will start a new year, by learning more simple tools to create a harmonious and happy new year. Till then have a marvellous New Year!

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by Sahar Huneidi
Professional intuitive, Sahar gives spiritual psychic readings, teaches meditation, psychic development; and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of coffee cup reading, and dream interpretation. She is a Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine, the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK; and is editor and publisher of PS-Magazine.com. Sahar also recently launched the first dedicated podcasting service on spiritual and psychic matters on psychicpodcasts.com.