The Akashic Records by Eileen Murray

What are the Akashic Records? “Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning Primordial Substance, that out of which all things are formed. It is from this refined, sensitive vibrational field of energy called the Akasha Field that all universal information is recorded and held.” This Field holds the memory of all that has ever happened to all of life on earth and throughout creation. This Field of Akasha also relates to what is yet to unfold within ourselves and within creation. The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul, all human experience, and all life forms within creation. Our dreams, our past and our possible futures are all contained within the Akashic Records,

A well known modern day philosopher and systems theorist Ervin Laszlo points to the Akashic Field as a universal information field. In his recent book entitled Science and the Akashic Field, Laszlo states that the Akashic Field ” is a sea of information conveying the experience of all matter.”

As a Universal Field, the Akashic Records holds information for all of life. This Field of Everything can be likened to an Energetic Universal Library holding both Personal Records and Universal or Collective Records. The Personal Record holds the journey of one’s soul as well as all that has happened in one’s past, one’s present and the holding of one’s future possibilities and potentials. The Collective Record holds all information throughout creation as well as the infinite future possibilities also known as the collective unconscious.

Psychologist Rupert Sheldrake describes it as the morphic resonance where human actions and thoughts create waves like the ripples on a pond, which then affects all of humanity.

This Field of Energy called Akasha is known in the Bible as The Book of Life, in Buddhism calls it Natures Memory, and in the Torah it is the Book of Knowledge.

The Akashic Field holds the information of all matter in creation, so everything has a record: the stars, planets, galaxies, animals, land, the ocean all of matter.

Edgar CayceThe famous psychic Edgar Cayce accessed the Akashic Records through a trance state. He performed thousands of readings for individuals during his lifetime, greatly influencing the lives of those he channeled for and their families through the information received from their Akashic Record. The information that came forth from the Records of Cayce’s clients related to their health, spiritual and emotional well being.

Cayce believed that all the future potentials for us already exist in the Akashic Records and wait for us to call them into life. This is similar to what Ervin Laszlo’s has called the Theory of Everything.

There are many ways to access the Akashic Records: through trance, or through one’s name and birth date. The way I consult and teach how to access one’s Akashic Record is through one’s name and a sacred prayer. This prayer connects us to the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. What is important is not only that information comes forth from the Records, but also powerful healing energies, which allows us to release patterns and beliefs that keep us bound. Working with the Akashic Records in this way takes us to the essence of both what our soul desires of us to know at this time as well as what we are inquiring about.

It is soul information that is beneficial for ourselves and for the highest good of others that presents itself through working with the prayer. In this way we are then open to receive and embody the healing energies and information from deeper levels of our soul, and from the collective Record, that awaken us more and more to live more consciously, more joyfully, peacefully, in the full beauty and abundance of who we are on all levels. We learn to create from the level of soul. From this awareness we live and create in the knowing that we abide in this Field of Everything, as One, in connection with one another. Thus, we can come to the experience of living who we truly are and how we can live the fullness of our divinity here, now.

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by Eileen Murray
Eileen has worked with various forms of energy techniques since 1982. She has consulted and taught Therapeutic Touch, Jungian Dream Therapy, and Shamanic Healing Therapies. Eileen has taught and given consultations in the Akashic Records nationally and internationally. Eileen consults and teaches people how to access the essence of the messages from their dreams bringing the wisdom and directives into their daily lives. She has her B.A. in Jungian Psychology and Dream Imagery in art from Norwich University, Vermont, and a M.A. in Jungian Psychology and Energy Healing from Leslie University, MA. Eileen is an International teacher and consultant of the Akashic Records.