The Healing Intention Experiment with Lynne McTaggart

On Saturday April 26th, 2014, Lynne McTaggart will be running the latest of her Intention Experiments, this time LIVE on web television hosted by Quantum University. Lynne and Quantum University invite you and your audience to take part in her global laboratory event, the largest mind-over-matter experiment in history, studying the power of group mind to heal the world. Learn More about The Healing Intention Experiment: During this two-hour live event, which is a philanthropic exercise and free for everyone to join, Lynne and her team of scientists will be testing, for the first time ever, the power of intention to heal an individual with a diagnosed illness under scientifically controlled laboratory conditions. Past Intention Experiments of Lynne’s, which have attracted thousands of participants from 90 countries around the world, have shown that group intention can help food grow faster, purify water, and lower violence in war-torn areas. If this experiment produces a positive outcome, it will have enormous implications about the role of thought in healing and the practices of our community of healers. For this reason, we’re counting on you to help us promote this event to as many people as you can. ———————- Here is how you can help us: ———————- 1. Sign up and Participate in the Event: (Steps > Fill Out Short Form. > Click “Submit”) ———————- 2. Join the event on Facebook: (Steps > Click “Join”) ———————- 3. Share the event on Facebook: (Steps > Once you have joined event > Click “Invite” > “Share Event” > “Own your own timeline” > Select where you would like to Share. > Write a short post. > Click “Share Event”) ———————- 4. Retweet this post on Twitter: (Steps > Click “Retweet” Link > Click “Retweet” Button) ———————- 5. Post Link on your Website, Facebook, and/or Twitter: Here is some content to help write a post: The Healing Intention Experiment Lynne McTaggart and Quantum University QuantumWorld.TV on April 26th, 2014 (Please make sure to include the link, so people know where and how to sign up.) ———————- 6. Watch and Share Lynne McTaggart’s New Inspiring Video Invitation on Facebook: (Steps > Click “Share” > “Own your own timeline” > Select where you would like to Share. > Write a short post. > Click “Share Link”) Click here to watch our Merlian News podcast with Lynne McTaggart!

by Staff