The Heart’s Note: A Practical Guide For Sounding Love In Your Life By Stewart Pearce

The Heart's Note: A Practical Guide For Sounding Love In Your Life By Stewart Pearce, FINDHORN PRESS 2010“This is a truly amazing time to be alive, yet also, this is a critical period in all our lives. Huge political, societal, economic and planetary changes gnaw at the bones of our lives, demanding that we stretch our skins and go not without but within, to the very core. When moved to this centre we find a heart yearning to sound its purpose, glistening with the song of our soul. For it is only by awakening our heart, by experiencing how it entrains the whole of our consciousness, and remembering that it is life itself, that we may speak the utter truth of our liberation. It is only by choosing the eternal compasses of love and compassion, the fruits of the soul, that we may heal our world. This done, we can begin to live the probability of co-creating intelligent new paradigms with astonishing authenticity.” The book THE HEART’S NOTE is a passionate declaration. It is a fifty-year search for love throughout the corners of the world. However, it is not an escapade in the throes of romantic love, rather it is a genuine search, looking into the eyes and hearts of millions of people around the Globe, to find the open-ness of heart that we all deeply desire and respect as utterly authentic. This ‘love’ declares the knowledge of an exquisite power, for if we can soul-surf this time of the dawning of Aquarius, if we can soul-stride this era of shifting paradigms by fully honouring the heart, an heroic act will occur. For we will be substantially moved from a love of power to the power of love. In the latter pure kingdom the heart reigns supreme, unique in its own sovereignty, pulsing with the verve of new beginning, and yet aware of a subtle deep echo from the past. Before the astronomical cycle of the past 5,125 years, human beings used a form of language completely unlike the present. This language was inclusively of the heart. As ancient as the rocks and wind, this mode of communication created a fusion between mind and body, a coherence of both right and left brain hemispheres, and a knowledge of thought and feeling as one. The transmission centre was a secret chamber of the heart known as the SHANTE ISHTA ~ “the single eye of the heart”. Indigenous people still believe this to be the core of all that is sacred about life. Indeed, it is recorded in the Bible that in ancient times all people of the Earth knew one language, until humanity defied God by building the great Tower of Babel. God responded by dispersing nations, by separating all people in order to confound their intention. From thence soul became individualised, and egoist tendencies inflated the notion of separation from the Source of all power. The salve for this dispersal lies in the secret chamber of the human heart, where the individual soul attunes to the collective universal heartbeat that unites us all through a vast field of consciousness. When we choose to love from our heart, when we choose to think from our heart, when we choose to speak from our heart, we enter into a chamber of creation where all things meet genesis ~ the legendary ‘gene of Isis’. Like a beautiful prism, forged in the most especial of crystal caves, the heart shines forth its truth: for when truth emerges from the energy of the heart, God is ignited within. The book is written in a lyrical prose style invoking the poetry of the heart, and gives every reader highly effective, easy to follow exercises for living in the secret chamber of the heart: for making life choices by ‘heart dowsing’; for healing our bodies through ‘heart sounding’ using six unique Sonic Meditations; for committing to a higher purpose through sacred Atlantean ‘heart sacraments’; for seeing what part each of us has in God’s plan to heal the world though ‘heart empathy’; for developing strategies of ‘weighing the heart’ for greater integrity, as was developed in ancient Egypt; for using ‘heart forgiveness’ as a talisman for a peaceful life; for calling on the loving guidance of the Archangelic realms who inspired this work; for discerning how the ‘devotional pathway of the heart’ can bring well-being, vitality and the creation of miracles in our daily lives.

Once we connect with our true Source we exchange our mortal intelligence with that of divine wisdom, and nothing is the same again. We embark on a voyage of the miraculous, and time as an agent of infinity expands, allowing creative action to follow the purest of paths, that of love. For miracles, are changes of perception revealing our divine blueprint, and allowing us to see the face of God in the beauty of Mother Nature. Whilst reading THE HEART’S NOTE passages of grace will linger in your mind’s being, stimulating devotion, illumination and succour. For we all seek the landscape of the inspired epic, which alerts our imagination, summoning it to salve our lives by drenching us in durable, substantial and magical elemental truths. For when we live in this chamber of creation, we create the probability of true transcendence using the Heart Core Tools of gratitude, non-judgement and forgiveness.

Author, Stewart PearceThe knowledge contained within this book will help every reader to step on the path of happiness and devotion. Each reader will feel physically and psychically uplifted, because the book, like the heart, exists through its own auto-rhythm, producing vibrations that will hugely affect the very fibre of our lives. Living the intelligence of the heart’s chamber means that the key principles of emotional and spiritual intelligence radiate through each aspect of our lives, producing a powerfully magnetic force, and joyously sustainable longevity. Indeed, the heart is known to have an electro-magnetic energy field that extends ten feet around the body, a field that is regarded as five thousand times greater than the energy of the brain. In conclusion, the secret chamber of your heart is like a Crystal Cave where a great Magician resides. It will gift you with a connection to the most precious of cosmic forces, the portal presence of universal co-creativity.


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Stewart is a world renowned Voice Coach with a career spanning three decades, enhancing the presentations of wonderful people like Vanessa Redgrave, Diana Princess of Wales and Anita Roddick. Stewart was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy from 1980-1997, then Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe from 1997-2007. Stewart is also an inveterate Sound Healer, Seer and Angel Facilitator, having received a body of work through Angelic transmission during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. This temple of sound healing is called THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE, and teaches the intelligence and compassion of the heart through the breath of the song of the soul.