The Purple Papers with Roland Comtois & Richard Spangenberg

The Purple Papers with Roland Comtois and Richard Spanenberg Like countless others who believe in the power of eternal love, Richard Spangenberg, filmmaker-owner of Connecticut-based HDTV­-Entertainment, wants the world to know that life and love doesn’t end when someone passes on… that the afterlife exists. He plans to do this with a new television show that will showcase messages from heaven.

Many have tried to prove that heaven and the afterlife exist. Just look at recent New York Times Best Seller lists and you’ll see acclaimed books about near death experiences by a 4-year old Todd Burpo, brain surgeon Eben Alexander, spinal surgeon Dr. Mary C. Neal and others that claim that heaven is real. Many have also tried to disprove it.

Richard SpangenbergBut not since Richard Spangenberg, owner of Westport, Connecticut based HDTV- Entertainment, met Roland Comtois, spiritual counselor and author of And Then There Was Heaven, has anyone delivered tangible proof that there is life beyond death.

Spangenberg comments, “There are many who debunk mediums and claim that those that “talk to the dead” are all fakes using a number of tricks to investigate an individual’s background and/or how to read an audience to guess what to say or even planting shills into the audience. To my amazement, none of this was possible with Roland, his powers are genuine and they can be proven and will be proven in our television show ‘Purple Papers.’”

So convinced is Spangenberg, along with thousands of others who have experienced Roland’s Purple Paper messages, that both Roland and heaven are the real deal, he has put his company and reputation on the line to produce a reality TV show about Roland and his Purple Papers, called Purple Papers, Proof there is an Afterlife!

But he needs help financing his venture. He is trying to raise $65,000 by May 30 to fund a TV pilot for the Purple Papers TV Show, Proof that there is an Afterlife, through Kickstarter, an online fundraising company that helps entrepreneurs bankroll their dream projects through crowd funding.

Spangenberg hopes that his Purple Papers initiative will not only reach the desired goal but will exceed it, saying that the show is an important vehicle to let people know that the afterlife not only exists, but that he has proof. That proof is in the form of spiritual healer Roland Comtois’ signature Purple Papers, handwritten, prerecorded messages from the hereafter to the here and now.

Roland writes his Purple Papers well in advance of knowing or meeting the people who are meant to receive them, and well in advance of even them knowing they would meet Roland. The information on the papers was coming from somewhere, and there is only one place that could be. It has to be real. I have been following and filming Roland for quite some time for this show. Each experience has proven to be downright fascinating, remarkable, powerful, and highly emotional. Being a television producer, I naturally thought that Roland’s messages of hope and eternal love deserved to be on television for all to see. This is something that people who have lost or will lose a loved one deserve to know now.”

If you’ve ever received one of Roland’s Purple Paper messages, then you know firsthand how poignant, accurate and healing they are, offering you a direct link to your loved ones in heaven. Richard Spangenberg wants the world to know that people are not alone after the loss of their loved ones, that Roland’s Purple Papers are proof positive that there really is an afterlife.

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by Staff