The River Of Life Flows On, by Sahar Huneidi

Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, March 06, page 21.

Last month, we discussed how when we experience a block in one area of our life; it is very often a symptom of imbalance, or a lack of energy flow in other aspects of our life and not the problem itself. And if the block remains over a long period of time, it is likely to cause further delays and create ‘dis-ease’ in the emotional, physical or mental areas of our life.

We experience harmony in our life when we allow the Life Force energy to flow freely and easily. How? Simply by recognising the need to create new channels, or new opportunities for ourselves, to enable us to redirect its flow. The life force is indeed a huge amount of energy, like a vast river flowing to the sea. So consider for a moment, if a river is diverted down one (narrow) canal, it is likely to overwhelm that channel. Where, on the other hand, new auxiliary channels are created, this vast river will re-direct its flow to wherever it is meant to go and the blockage is then removed.

Going with the flow

© Copyright 2006 the authorEverything in our life, including love, creativity, self-growth, finance and career achievement is interlinked (see Prediction Sept. 04); they are aspects of the same ‘life force’ that flows through us.

When we ignore other aspects of our life, such as developing our abilities and talents, and just wait for the right partner, job or property to come our way; we are likely then to block the natural harmonious flow of our life-force, creating worries imbalance and more blockages. Like the river, our overall spiritual growth is then impeded; changes in our life seem to be sluggish or might come to a grinding halt!

Simply put, spiritual growth is about making the best of our life and our abilities- exploring our potential as far as it would take us. We spiritually ‘mature’ when we explore as many areas that are potentially available for us to explore. In other words, there is a need for us to continue creating new channels for our energy to continue flowing, for our life and destiny to continue unfolding which will lead us to find new ways of expressing our selves and what our life is about; we are then actually living closer to our centre, our true-self or destiny. This ‘alignment’ acts like a magnet attracting the right opportunities at the right time.

Fingers on the pulse © Copyright 2006 the authorRemember, the natural state of energy is to flow- not to stagnate. Once the river is flowing again, it naturally creates other paths in its flow.

To help you identify what channels (new opportunities) to create; I suggest that as you read the following points, you also write down your thoughts on a piece of paper and date it. Refer to it at a later time in the future, to give yourself a tangible sense of the flow of life force in your life:

Is your ‘river’ blocked or stagnant?Try to create an alternative new possibility/opportunity for yourself that would take your attention away from what is blocked; this will ease the block and re-channel the flow making you unstuck. Very often, I have experienced that sometimes the intention of doing so alone is sufficient to release the block. Consider, for example, applying for a new job in a new field, start a new interest, or join a new class where you meet new people, or simply explore a new subject of interest. Release your limitations by changing your language. Language expresses our beliefs and programmes our mind; our mind believes what we say: remember, what goes into the subconscious, gets their consciously! Use positive language, and avoid telling yourself ‘I can’t do this, I’m not clever, beautiful or talented, people do not like me’ etc. Or ‘I can’t move forward unless…’. The truth is you CAN. The natural state of life force is to flow- only we can block its way! Are you blocking your own flow? If our feelings of fear, worry, or inadequacy move out the way, then our ‘river’ will flow to where it is meant to- naturally. Emotionally charged feelings can be dense energy and will block the flow of life force. Sometimes, all we have to do is to step out of our own way, and let things sort themselves out. Where do you live? To have a balanced harmonious life, our approach needs to be holistic, integrating all areas of our development, not just one aspect of our life. Think of it this way: if you have a home with three rooms, would you live in just one room ignoring all others? End of a relationship, or the wrong job are not what define your life. Only you can limit or expand the abode of your soul.

Keep journeying down the river; and you will reach wherever you are meant to go. Till next month, Love light and healing

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by Sahar Huneidi
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