The Wave by Dr. Jude Currivan

A revolutionary new view of the universe is emerging, which reconciles science with Spirit and which is describing the world in a way that is very similar to the spiritual insights of all ages.

The fundamental premise of such perennial wisdom is that consciousness is primary to the creation of the Cosmos. It is all-pervasive and expresses itself as waves of energy whose ever-changing interactions on all scales of existence, manifest the entire universe.

This contrasts with the view of materialistic science, which sees the universe as being without purpose and consciousness as arising solely from evolution.

But now leading edge research across many areas is beginning to reveal not only the primacy of consciousness but the holographic means by which the mind of creation appears to be real-ised.

A hologram is produced when a single beam of coherent light is split into two. One beam is bounced off an object and the second beam aligned to interfere with the reflected light of the first. The resulting wave pattern is recorded on film. A three-dimensional holographic image of the object is then projected when light is shone through the two-dimensional film.

Inherent within its harmonic nature is that the entirety of the object is recreated in every part of the fractional relationship of its three-dimensional image.

The philosophers of the ancient world perceived the Cosmos as essentially harmonic and their understanding of archetypal patterns underlying the manifest world, is one that is now re-emerging in the holographic view of the Cosmos.

In the last decade, the wave/particles of quantum energy fields have come to be described by ultra-minute waveforms called strings, whose harmonic oscillations produce the fundamental ‘notes’ we discern as the energies and matter of the physical world.

And as the theory has continued to be developed, a further constituent of its description of the Cosmos has emerged. Termed branes, these are multi-dimensional objects, which form the framework within which strings vibrate.

Crucially, it is appearing that two-dimensional branes may form a universal boundary to spacetime and that the physical world in its entirety may be a projection from such a boundary — the principle inherent in the hologram.

Holographic ProjectionThe holographic principle is progressively being seen as manifesting the physical world at all scales of existence. And analyses of such phenomena – whether natural or man-made – as earthquakes, weather patterns, evolutionary and ecological systems, the dynamics of war and peace, economics and even the worldwide web, reveal self-similar relationships harmonically repeating at ever larger and smaller scales.

The geometric patterns, which are the building blocks of all such phenomena are termed fractals and embody the mathematical signature of the hologram, which is also now being discerned in the development of biological complexity and human consciousness.

Whilst mainstream research has focussed on the ‘power’ of genes, other scientists have revealed a radically different understanding by investigating how an organism’s perception of its environment directly controls behaviour and gene activity.

They consider that it is the cell’s membrane, its semi-permeable boundary and the first organ that appeared in evolution – and the only one common to all biological organisms – which represents the cell’s ‘brain’. By actively mediating information, the membrane enables the cell to protect itself from the outer environment and maintain control over its internal conditions.

Two Cells

The maximum information — consciousness — able to be expressed throughout the physical universe may be proportional to the two-dimensional branes that are its holographic boundary. And the maximum perception able to be processed by a biological cell may also be proportional to the surface area of its surrounding mem-brane.

The fractal evolution of multi-cellular organisms thus enables increasing perception to be embodied and optimises the ability to adapt, survive and thrive and provide ever more abundant opportunities for conscious co-creation to unfold.

Biological organisms are thus essentially microcosmic holograms. And research is showing too that the physical counterparts of the subtle energies of their biofields – the causative templates for their physical forms – is mediated by coherent electro-magnetic fields, the modus operandi of the holographic principle.

At the quantum level, physicists have shown that two correlated particles are instantaneously connected, at a non-local level beyond the confines of space and time and are effectively a single entity.

M101 MOIRE - a super spiral galaxy is saturated and awash in gravitic seas made of high and low frequency gravity wavesWhat this means is that transcending spacetime, everyevent is ‘known’ simultaneously. Yet within spacetime, influence is mediated and limited by the speed of light and thus physical causality and the arrow of time are preserved.

And research into psi effects such as telepathy and remote viewing has revealed that the human mind also acts on such nonlocal levels.

There is now an enormous volume of experimental verification of nonlocal perception. The evidence supports the view that coherent attention and intention, at all levels of awareness, conscious and unconscious – sub and supra-conscious, individual and collective — are able to perceive and influence nonlocally.

And yet, for us to fully experience what it means to be human, it appears that the purpose of our ego-self — our human personality – is to maintain an illusion of separation. Throughout the waves of our experiences, we thus co-create and perceive the implications of cause and effect. And throughout, we dance the interplay of the fundamental relationships of polarity and seek their resolution and balance.

Within the confines of spacetime, the illusory but apparent flow of time and the limiting nature of the speed of light enable the relativity of such experiences to be undertaken and perceived by the ego-self.

But beyond the holographic boundary of the physical universe, the immediacy of nonlocal or cosmic perception enables us transpersonally and collectively to assimilate the totality of consciousness.

© Jude Currivan PhD 2005

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by Jude Currivan Ph.D.
Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a sensitive, scientist, healer and cosmic geomancer, who has directly experienced multidimensional realities and guidance from an early age. She has researched ancient wisdom, consciousness and metaphysics for over forty-five years, holds a PhD in Cognitive Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Physics. During an international business career, Jude gained a global perspective and combined her intuitive gifts with a practical and grounded approach to individual and collective change. Jude has also worked with and learned from the elders and shamans of many wisdom traditions and has just completed her first book entitled, Many Voices, One Heart.