What is Consciousness? by Psychic Sahar Huneidi

Article fist appeared in Prediction Magazine, June 05, page 19.

***image3***Last month, we discussed how the brain’s plasticity allows us to make change happen in a split second. While it was ‘consciously’ written, I felt it would be interesting to investigate consciousness- ‘unconsciously’. So, I went into deep meditation, connected with my guiding spirits, and asked to explore together what consciousness is. We can all tap into a higher consciousness, our own source wisdom, higher self, guides and helpers; whatever you may choose to call it. With practice, we become more skilled at tuning-in or ‘channelling’ intuitive communication.

Mystical Soul

More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, by Ariell Ford, is a book of true stories written by individuals who have had mystical experiences. In it, US renowned channel, Asandra (see www.asandra.com), relates: “When embarking upon a true soul-path, consciousness automatically expands. This creates receptivity within the individual to spiritual guidance. Profound teachings from the higher Spirit world are available to those who become welcoming conduits. Channelling is the focused and intentional process of seeking out this wisdom (specifically from Spirit Teachers, Masters, and Personal Guides) for the purpose of fulfilling one’s greater soul-path.”

Higher Inspiration

Whether you choose to work with ‘inspirational guidance’, as I prefer to call it, for personal guidance purposes or towards you serving as a vehicle for Spirit to help others; regular practice or tuning-in is essential. You will become skilful at ‘stepping of your own mind’ and allowing spirit or higher consciousness to come closer. You will be delighted with the information that comes through on whatever subject or level your enquiry is.

***image1***Think of ‘inspired communication’ as means of providing yourself with a different perspective on whatever you seek guidance about. I practice this at least once-a-week as a tool for expanding my spiritual and psychic awareness. On this particular occasion, I was inspired with a Pink Rose meditation to share with you. You can attempt it safely on your own, to help you expand the parameters of your mind.

Q. What is consciousness?

Consciousness is a whirlpool of awareness, continuous shifts of perspectives. The brain is the frame that processes perspective into understanding. The more fine-tuned or sophisticated the brain is, the more coherent and crystal clear understanding becomes.

Q. Is our brain the seat of consciousness?

Effectively, from your corporeal perspective; yes. It is an essential part of processing the information. Bits of knowledge act as grounding pegs, the more you know the more awareness expands and understanding takes place. Very much similar to the way you solve jigsaw puzzles. Each piece helps with the gauging the coordinates of another. Solving the puzzle, is very much about accepting this idea and continuing on placing parts of the jigsaw puzzle.

Q. How do we fine-tune our brain? Make it more sophisticated?

This is very much an individual process, depending on what your interests are. The more you develop and pursue, the more you are re-structuring, or re-wiring your brain; the better decoder it would become. On a basic level, good food, fresh air and exercise are just as beneficial. You have to take care of your body too- a healthy brain, mind and body go together.

***image2***Pink Rose Mediation:

Sit quietly, feet on the ground and still your mind by focusing on breathing rhythmically. Imagine (or pretend) that the universe is breathing into you; then imagine it drawing breath out of you as you exhale.

When relaxed, imagine a beam of pure white light coming down from the highest point in heaven, embracing your body. Breathe in that white light, feeling safe, comfortable and protected.

Mentally visualise, or think of, a ‘perfect’ pink rosebud appearing on a (mental) screen directly in front of you (about a foot away). Gradually draw the pink bud towards you, into your forehead, and through the ‘third eye’ zone. Let it rest inside your head at the centre. Mentally fix it into place and observe the petals gradually opening, and releasing heavenly scent.

Physically, take a whiff of that gorgeous scent (engaging your physical senses, make this creative mediation more powerful) filling your lungs with it.

When the rose is fully opened, see the petals radiating pure pink light in all directions; follow it from the centre of your head and outwards to the edge of the universe.

In your own time, let the rosebud dissolve (inside your head), and gradually, draw your attention to your feet. Wiggle your toes, think of the room you are in, open your eyes. Stand up and stretch feeling refreshed.

Next Month, we will discuss self-commitment and self-esteem. Till then, love, light and healing.

© Sahar Huneidi 2005 www.psychicsahar.com

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by Sahar Huneidi
A professional intuitive, Sahar gives spiritual psychic readings, teaches meditation, psychic development; and conducts workshops on tarot, the ancient art of coffee cup reading, and dream interpretation. She is a Spiritual DIY columnist for Prediction Magazine, the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK; and is editor and publisher of PS-Magazine.com.