Wisdom from the Origins:The Mayan Calendar and Other Prophecies on the Future of Humanity

WISDOM FROM THE ORIGINS: The Mayan Calendar and Other Prophecies on the Future of Humanity

September 13-17, 2012, in Albuquerque, NM Featuring Marianne Williamson, Ac Tah, and others

Marianne Williamson The Mayan calendars have been a creative and effective vehicle for contemplating the energies of present times and the larger cycles of time that we are moving with and through. But there has also been a lot of misunderstanding, uncertainty, and even panic around the Mayan calendar.

This conference is an opportunity to educate and prepare the people for the times we are in, and to rebirth a wisdom consciousness based in the natural rhythms of the Earth. We see this as a profoundly co-creative moment, a time when people of all traditions and races are being called to come together to explore and re-discover what it means to be human, and to re-orient to this new cycle. Now is a time for preparation, for clearing away that which no longer serves, and for inviting in different ways of thinking, being, and acting. We believe this conference can provide a great service by helping those who attend to clear, prepare, and be of service to others.

Ac Tah This conference is unique in that it is grounded in the history of a previous cycle of 13 dialogues called the Language of Spirit conferences, which have sought to bring understanding between Indigenous ways of knowing and Western science. At Wisdom from the Origins, elders and wisdom holders from around the world join us in Albuquerque, NM, bringing prophecies and teachings from Mayan and other diverse cultures regarding the changing times which are now upon us. Indigenous elders, social visionaries, ecologists, philosophers, and healers are all coming to one place. And we have asked them all to be in service to the people in reaching a state of readiness for the future.

Come listen and participate as we gather in circle and co-create our future together. Be a part of the change you seek in the world today. This conference is both a great opportunity and a sacred responsibility to help return the world to a natural order of peace and harmony. It is THE conference of 2012, and its message promises to be relevant and continue growing for a very long time into the future.

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