You Are God, Get Over It by Story Waters

Readers who are up on their spiritual books may recognize the title theme here, as it’s cropping up more and more in the world of metaphysical literature. However, You Are God, Get Over It stands out for being particularly compelling and inspiring. The author, Story Waters has captured a wealth of insight in this slim, concise volume.

You Are God, Get Over It is a fascinating blend of spiritual instruction and logic. The basic message is familiar — you are God, you are a creator, take responsibility for what you create — but the compelling part is the logic with which Mr. Waters conveys each point. For example, how many times have we been told that we should love ourselves? Easier said than done, right? Now, follow Mr. Water’s brief, which is laid out like a formula: You are choosing to have this experience + see the wisdom of that choice + love that choice = love yourself. Loving yourself becomes both correct and inevitable when it’s laid out like that!

This happens over and over again throughout the book — the first point makes sense, the second point logically follows, and so on, and before you know it you have made the next leap of insight with the author guiding you all the way. If the book occasionally seems dense or repetitive, stick with it — my sense is that this is as much about de-programming or re-programming the old stuff we’ve been carrying around, as it is about conveying the new material. As the author says, “Take what resonates and leave the rest.”

The author calls this process of remembering our true nature “the unfolding” and that is what it feels like as you read. Each chapter is like opening a package or some beautiful origami creation, one flap at a time to see what’s inside — only the beautiful creature is us! Unfold one part to see where you’ve been holding old religious ideologies, lift another to see what old dualities still define your story. Keep going and learn what it is that you’re afraid of, or best of all, how to feel safe.

This wonderful book has a lot to say about our fears and subsequent need to control everything. Story Waters is at his best, both in writing and in hand-holding, as he helps the reader to identify and overcome these fears. That he manages to do so in such a succinct and compelling manner is astonishing. Once again, follow the logic step-by step and it seems inevitable that you can let go and just “allow.”

Goodness knows that what this world needs right now is a lot less fear, and anything that helps to diminish the load is to be applauded. Getting remarkable insights on top of that, is icing on the cake. You Are God, Get Over It delivers all that and more — thank you Story Waters.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Story Waters is a spiritual author seeking to empower people to discover and follow the light of their own being. Through his writing, rather than seeking to give people just another spiritual framework of 'how things are', he looks to bring out his reader's inner magical divine Self in all of its glory. He seeks for his readers to connect with, trust in, and follow their own spirit above any external person, organization, religion or dogma. Visit to find out more about Story's work.