A Conscious Choice by Asandra

***image1***As you move into the higher evolutionary spectrum of the new paradigm, it becomes increasingly important to accept that a larger energy is guiding the path. Without conscious access to higher guidance, you will not be able to achieve success on your souls’ highest path. This is the path of destiny. Destiny is not that which is etched in stone in specific detail in advance. This would imply that the individual is powerless to effect the direction and outcome of their choices. Individual choice is part of the divine design. As a human being you have been equipped with free will.

This enables you to make choices in every moment and at every turn in your life. Often times one is making unconscious choices, but when you focus your intention on making an inspired choice, then you are able to move in the direction of your guided destiny path.

This pathway is such that it emanates from your higher conscious self. In order to access this higher conscious self, you must be in alignment with your own inner essence which is by nature connected to the infinite. It is a profound cycle of energetic movement. When you tap into the higher conscious realm, your soul receives guidance, wisdom, and inspiration. It is essential to trust and be patient. In a linear-based world, human beings pursue their goals relentlessly to the point of exhaustion. Or, on the other hand, they may believe it is so far beyond the reach that they don’t even try at all to achieve a goal.

***image2***If you are connected at the soul level, then you are by virtue of so doing, also connected to your souls’ true destiny path. That destiny is like an inner map that directs the soul towards its completion. But once again, destiny is not that which is already determined in specific detail. It is more of an overview or blueprint that moves the soul in a compelling fashion towards its completion. Completion being not to reach a specific objective, but rather to come into one’s wholeness. This is the true integration of the soul with the ever expanding infinite realm. It is a consciousness that your soul naturally seeks because it is designed to do so.

The path itself is already in motion, but you have to jump in to the water and allow the current to take you where it is going. If the current is strong, sometimes a person will panic, and fight against it which leads to exhaustion or even worse, to drowning. But if you relax and allow the current to take you, you will be supported on your journey.

The soul’s journey is magnificent. It is imbued with the grace and majesty of the created universe. The Source itself is guiding you and holding you afloat. If you recognize the perfection inherent within this, then you will allow yourself to be carried along albeit not passively without conviction, but rather with a soul desire to complete your journey in this lifetime. Remember that completion is not the arrival at a certain juncture. It is wholeness and union with the all that is.

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by Asandra
ASANDRA considers herself to be a multidimensional being. This is expressed through her work as an Artist, Writer, and Trance-channel.