A Mystic’s View About The Universe: Part 1 – The Absolute: Our Original Home by Eliza Mada Dalian

Eliza Mada Dalian Both mystics and scientists agree that beneath the visible veil of our separate physical reality, everything within the Universe exists as a unified whole or oneness. While scientists have come to understand and describe this oneness through their intellects, the mystics have come to understand and know it through meditation and personal experience.

Our original home is where our physical and non-physical realities unite. We have called this unity God, Allah, Brahma, Great Spirit, Tao, Source, Beloved, Universe, Existence, and Presence. Buddha described it as emptiness or nothingness, and Zen describes it as isness, suchness, or the original face. Scientists have described it as the zero point energy or a quantum vacuum sea within which everything floats. I like to call it the Absolute. The Absolute is not Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, or whatever beliefs we create around it. The Absolute is fundamentally unknowable, indescribable, intangible, and inseparable from all that is. To grasp this intellectually is to have a kind of understanding about God, but to experience it is to become God.

Although it is impossible to describe it, those who have experienced it agree that within the Absolute, there is no concept of a separate “I” or “self.” Everything within it always exists in the present moment without beginning or end. The Absolute is within everything in existence, manifest or unmanifest, and it contains the life force of all past, present, and future creation.

Everything that manifests into a physical reality can only exist within a limited realm of time and space, which in itself is ultimately part of the timeless and limitless Absolute. Even the minutest particle within the Absolute, like the tiny seed of a plant, has an inexhaustible power that can create countless galaxies. To experience the power of the Absolute is to know God and experience the pure joy of creation.

The Absolute is an infinitely empty and yet full space. It appears as dark because of its depth and density. What makes the Absolute visible is the light that occasionally arises from within its emptiness. Everything visible and invisible within the emptiness of the Absolute exists through different energetic frequencies and sounds. Ultimately, all frequencies unify into an unmoving state of zero frequency or vacuum. In other words, all seven sound vibrations or notes unify into silence; all thought frequencies (positive and negative) unify into no-thought or no-mind; and all seven colors of the rainbow unify into pure space that appears dark when it is invisible and as light when it is visible. This is the meaning of “all is one, and is God.” As the human intellect is only a part of the Absolute, it is impossible to comprehend the emptiness or oneness of the Absolute, or what is beyond time and space, with the intellect alone. The Absolute can only be known through experience.

Like two sides of the same coin, the Absolute can be divided into two major parts: unconscious energy, which absorbs all colors and sounds and appears as darkness; and conscious energy, which reflects all colors and sounds and appears as light. Unconscious energy has no self-awareness and contains dormant power with the potential to create, while conscious energy is aware of itself and has the active power to create. All conscious energies were once unconscious. They became conscious through the development of self-awareness. Before unconscious energy is transformed into consciousness, it receives nourishment from other conscious energies in the same way that life on Earth receives nourishment from the Sun.

When unconscious energy transforms into conscious energy, a part of the darkness within the Absolute becomes visible or known. All the suns, stars, and galaxies reveal a part of the infinite darkness. It is like turning on a light switch in a dark room. The moment you turn on the light, the darkness disappears and you see all the furniture and space that is in the room. However, even within the things in the room, such as furniture, there remains more darkness. It is like having rooms within rooms; lighting up one room reveals another. This goes on infinitely. As more darkness transforms into light, more of the Absolute becomes visible and known and the universe appears to expand.

As the Absolute or the universe goes on expanding, the interplay of conscious energy and unconscious energy continually changes, but its unmoving center, which is an empty void, always remains the same for both. There is no difference between the center of physical reality and the centre of non-physical reality. In every cell and atom, within all that exists within the universe — the centre is the same. Our being and the being of the universe exist within this single unmoving center. And we can experience this center of stillness by observing it in a place very near to us — between our incoming and outgoing breaths, inhaling and exhaling as we go about our daily lives. We can, in other words, observe the Absolute manifesting itself through us simply by observing it through the witnessing awareness that is at the very core of our being.

The witnessing awareness observes everything: the incoming breath, the outgoing breath, the constant stillness or gap between the two, and all experiences of creation and destruction, births and deaths, both within and without. The witnessing awareness is the thread between the physical world of time and space and the realm of the Absolute that exists in the Now beyond time and space.

Whatever the level of consciousness or unconsciousness within us, and within anything in existence, everything revolves around the unmoving center of the Absolute. Stillness and rest are necessary after each moment of destruction for the seed of creation to germinate. Living the ongoing cycle of life and death, stillness and creation, consciousness and unconsciousness, is the essence of existence.

The Absolute creates and expands infinitely, for no particular reason other than the Joy of creation. The Joy of creation is ecstasy. The longing to experience this Joy is in the heart of all creation. Joy makes creation and expansion possible because Joy not only arises from creation but fuels it. The Absolute’s longing to create and expand is also our longing and is the purpose of all life. You have experienced this many times in your own life when in a moment of silent stillness an idea suddenly pops into your mind. As you recognize its creative potential, you feel a rush of excitement and joy. When you manifest your creative ideas in the world, you use your life force and create a meaning for your life. This fulfills your innate existential longing to experience the Joy of creation and expansion.

Excerpted from In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness by Eliza Mada Dalian

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In Search Of The Miraculous: Healing Into Consciousness by Eliza Mada Dalian


by Eliza Mada Dalian
Eliza Mada Dalian is a medical intuitive, oracle, mystic, hands-on healer, and spiritual guide, who after her awakening experience at age 33 has dedicated her life to helping others towards healing and inner transformation. In her work, Mada uses a groundbreaking new healing method that she developed, which can quickly transform psychological and physical pain and suffering into health and consciousness. Besides her healing practice, she also conducts Active Meditation workshops and Self-Awareness intensives and teacher training. Eliza Mada Dalian is the author of Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness by Expanding Universe Publishing.