A New Course from Robert Moss on the Shift Network

Dreaming Wide Awake – A new 7 week course from Robert Moss on the Shift Network, starting Thursday, June 11th

Opening to the World-Creating Power of Your Imagination

Learn to harness the most creative power you have within you, the power to sculpt your reality as you want it to be. Apply the principles and practices of dreaming to your waking state to shift your perceptions, journey for higher guidance, heal your body and add the “champagne fizz” back into your daily life. The Dreaming Wide Awake training offers you a portal into a new realm of spiritual practice, allowing you to free up your consciousness to design a more beautiful life for yourself, guided by your higher self and the world around you.

In this 7-week adventure in visioning, healing and creating, you’ll undertake an “imaginal workout program” that is far more enjoyable than doing weights at the gym (and far more valuable).

Visualize what has been blocking you. Discover that when you can see and feel the true shape of a block or a fear, you free yourself to move beyond it. Play games of creative visualization that will enliven your inner senses. Begin to see the world around you in a synchronistic way, sending you signs and images that offer wisdom, guidance and healing. Practice journeying back into dreams and into your inner landscape for additional guidance and images.

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May your best dreams come true,


by Staff