Active Dreaming: Journeying Beyond Self Limitation to a Life of Wild Freedom by Robert Moss

Active Dreaming by Robert MossThis may be the best book on dreaming you will ever read — until Robert Moss writes his next! Active Dreaming is all that: magical, lyrical, activating — it will leave you energized for the day, and happily drifting off for new adventures at night.

Fans of Robert Moss’ earlier books, such as The Three Only Things, The Secret History of Dreaming, and Conscious Dreaming, will recognize the approachable style of this newest book. Active Dreaming is part anecdote, part memoir, and loaded with practical suggestions for working with dream-states to help yourself, your loved ones, your community, and the world. If you haven’t already done some of this work, you will find yourself looking at dreams, (both waking and sleeping), and how you actually spend your time, in a whole new way.

Be prepared for the magic and synchronicities to begin as soon as you open Active Dreaming — the universe wants you to read this book! As the author guides you through discovering your own symbols, your power animals, conscious dreaming and more, the “coincidences” will pile up as the universe conspires to show you that you are on the right track to redefining yourself and your life project. There are methods for recovering lost soul fragments, awakening or recovering the inner child, restoring good health, and glimpsing or rearranging possible futures.

This is powerful, powerful stuff — both deeply moving and exhilarating! The stories that Moss shares are compelling and illuminate the deeper purposes of dreams and why it’s so important to bring the knowledge and energy of our dreams into the waking state. You can go as far with this as you wish, to heal yourself and to live each day open to the possibilities for magic and joy, and perhaps move onto healing the trees, the community, and even the future of the world.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Robert Moss is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original method of dreamwork and healing through the imagination. Born in Australia, his fascination with the dreamworld began in his childhood, when he had three near-death experiences and first learned the ways of a traditional dreaming people through his friendship with Aborigines. A former professor of ancient history, he is also a novelist, journalist, and independent scholar. His eight books on dreaming, shamanism and imagination include Conscious Dreaming, Dreamways of the Iroquois, The Three “Only” Things, The Secret History of Dreaming, Dreamgates and the newly-published Active Dreaming. Visit him online at