All In The Past – The Science of Time, By Sahar Huneidi

Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, December 06, page 51

There is popular Egyptian saying that goes something like this: “If you forget your past, you will loose your future”. As we approach a new year, and while it is important to be forward looking; spiritually speaking, it is just as important to look back and to “extract wisdom” from our past. In doing so, we are able to ‘heal’ the past, through understanding the stumbling blocks we met along our path. Only then we can ‘release’ the past, and ‘create space’ for the future.

Science tells us that past, present and future, exist as one, known as ‘timespace’. The way we perceive time, as linear, is a necessary illusion; it is the way in which our brain perceives time in order to help us cope with our daily life. Scientist and healer, Dr. Jude Currivan, author of The Wave: a Life Changing Journey into the Heart and Mind of the Cosmos, explains: “there is no flow of time. Events are- they all exist- occupying their particular point in spacetime. The flowing sensation comes from the conscious awareness of changes in our perception. And it is in only in our mental freeze-frame that a sequence of events seems to evolve as a continuous story”.

If you like, time exists like a set of encyclopaedia books, several volumes, next to each other, on the same shelve; which you do not have to read in order. Your attention, or where you choose to focus your mind, is what determines what volume you pick up. Spiritually speaking, many Mystics, and indeed, psychics, through the ages are known to have been able to access a different perception, dimensions, or ‘volumes’ of time simultaneously. In the East, the so called spacetime is referred to as the Akashic Records.

Change is part of life. Life and everything in the universe is constantly evolving. When we do not release the past, the expression that “someone lives in the past” becomes more potent than it first seems. Effectively speaking, ‘living in the past’, means that our actions and decisions ‘today’ are likely to stem from that point of reference, or volume; which results in us getting stuck in a ‘time warp’. For example, “I will hurt him/her because they have hurt me then…” etc.

This year, start creating a, spiritually, safe space that will support you in the present and sustain you in the future. “This means not filling our space with things, or thoughts, that don’t serve us”. Once you understand that you have, consciously, or unconsciously, orchestrated an ‘adverse’ event which helped you to change an outdated pattern, address a repeated one, or create a point of departure in to a new cycle; you will begin to see how the past served you to evolve into a better ‘future’. Clearing the past, allows for more abundance to enter our lives, where we can live-not just exist.

Pointers to the past

Take time to ‘look back at the past’ Jot down events or, memories which you think were less than favourable. Ask yourself “how did I allow for this to happen”, and observe a progression of events, on your ‘mental screen’, things you did or said, which lead up to that ‘episode’; Then ask yourself “what did I learn from it?” The answers to these questions is the point where healing begins.

Note that quote

“.. As we expand our awareness, we liberate ourselves from the constraints of physical perception and are able to begin our exploration of the wider Cosmos which transcends spacetime”.

Dr. Jude Currivan, author of The Wave: a Life Changing Journey into the Heart and Mind of the Cosmos

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by Sahar Huneidi
Editor of Sahar is a professional intuitive, columnist, for Prediction & Sharq magazines in the UK, a writer and podcaster. Her first book, "Your Future in A Coffee Cup, The Art of Divining with Coffee Grounds", is due April 26th 07.