All You Need is Love by Jewelle St. James

***image1***In All You Need is Love, author Jewelle St. James writes a story about reincarnation. Yet, she also writes a story that proves true love shared between two souls, can extend over the course of centuries. As you read this haunting love story, you might hear many of John Lennon’s songs start to echo in your mind as the story allows the musician’s spirit to come to life.

As a teenager, St. James was not much of a Beatles fan, but her prolonged emotional reaction to Lennon’s 1980 murder had her baffled as to why she would have such a mysterious connection with the legendary Lennon. The author describes her remarkable journey to find the answers to this emotional bond. Like peeling away the layers of an onion, St. James tenaciously seeks to find the answers and encounters numerous fate driven incidents and events that help to reveal the truth about her past life with Lennon — a romance which took place in17th century England and was tragically cut short. Her courageous 20-year investigation into who she was, serves as a cathartic current life changing event that helps St. James to understand her true individuality as well as her true spirit. Her mission leads her to heart-breaking as well as heart-warming events including divorce, relocation, the discovery of a new life in a new land and the support and love of new and re-discovered friends and family.

***image2***Her story is a lesson in understanding the significance of past lives, as she points out that feelings are the soul’s memory to the past. A need to live in a particular part of the world may be a sign of past life energy. This energy may be channeled in many other ways as the author writes, “people create their past lives with a certain style of cloths, a style of décor in their homes, or it’s reflected in their interests and hobbies. Usually, odd traits are just an accumulation of a preferred type of life. The clues to one’s past life are endless.” All You Need Is Love is an important book. It is written from the heart and opens up a new world of enlightenment to readers as it presents a perspective with the cosmic “bigger picture” in mind. St. James wrote it for those of us who may possibly be haunted by memories of past lives — helping us to understand how they help to shape our current ones.

Yet, the author’s most important message is one that reminds us that as our bodies wither, our souls live on, and each life we endure, as we reincarnate, is part of a spiritual evolution of the soul; and because of this, true love never dies. It knows no bounds. It remains eternal.

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by C. Tallon
Jewelle St. James is the author of All You Need Is Love; the incredible true story of one woman's search, discovering her past life with John Lennon. She is a Canadian housewife and mother.