An Exchange of Love by Madeleine Walker

An Exchange of Love by Madeleine Walker Animals come back to be with us lifetime after lifetime, to heal trauma from their own past lives and ours.

In her book An Exchange of Love, Madeleine Walker explains to the reader how in karmic healing they meet animals who have changed the lives of their human companions. Their message is that love is eternal and undying — An Exchange of Love. Many animals are reunited with owners from past lives and will flag up emotional issues through their own behaviour in an attempt to draw attention to their human’s issues and consciously help the healing process.

A specialist with treating emotional trauma in competition horses whose owners require optimum performance, Madeleine unravels their painful experiences in this life and past lifetimes and makes us aware of their companionship as they try to assist our healing — even to the extent of manifesting our dis-ease in their own bodies. No other book examines the past life connections between humans and our animals and the healing potential for us, to resolve issues from our past present and future.

“An Exchange of love helps us understand and decode the unspoken word from the animal kingdom and activates the magic and discovery that love is the life of all humanity. A must read fro all animal lovers and those interested in re-incarnation” Gary Quinn, Best selling author of “living in the spiritual Zone” and “Angel Awakenings”

“This book will take you into realms you never dreamed existed. Madeleine Walker shows you how you and your pets are connected, not just in this lifetime, but on a deeper, soul level, spanning many lifetimes. Be prepared to cry, to be amazed, and to have your perceptions towards animals changed forever. This book is a gateway to an understanding that is vital to the future of life on this planet, both spiritual and physical” Jenny Smedley, Author of “Souls don’t lie” and the “Tree that Talked”. An imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd

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An Exchange of Love, Madeleine Walker

O-books; £9.99;$19.95; Paperback; 240pp; ISBN 978-1-84694-139-9; October 2008

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by Catherine Harris, O-Books
Madeleine works as a horse and rider trauma consultant, animal intuitive and empowerment coach. She lives in Somerset and runs clinics and workshops throughout England. She offers private consultations for people and animals and performs distant readings for clients that are geographically too far away for personal visits. She is a columnist, public speaker and lecturer." An Exchange of Love" is her first book.