Ancient Geoglyphs Found in Kazakhstan

Ancient geoglyphs have been found in Kazakhstan. Reminiscent of crop circles, or the more famous Nazca Lines in Peru, the images, captured on Google Earth, depict over 250 giant earthworks designed to be seen from the sky. First noticed by an ardent Google Earth fan in 2007, NASA has now confirmed the pictures, and scientists from around the world are debating about the possible age and function of the man-made formations.

In the last month, sources as diverse as the New York Times, IFLScience, and The Weather Channel have reported on the mysterious formations, which appear to have gone unnoticed for centuries. Estimates of their age range from 2,000 years to 8,000 years. Two weeks ago NASA released their own pictures of the geoglyphs, which cover an area of desert land several football fields in size. This has spurred new interest and speculation about the society that may have created the earthworks, and what purpose they served.

by Cheryl Shainmark