As She Is – A Film by Megan McFeely

Megan McFeely2“As She Is” is a wonderful exploration of the nature of feminine energy, and could not be more timely, coming as it does at a real crisis point in our world.  Produced and directed by Megan McFeely, this is her journey, her exploration, but it is ours, too – and what she learns has implications for healing our world that has been so damaged in the last hundred years by wars, domination, the plundering of resources, and turning a blind eye to suffering.

Ms. McFeely recounts a tale of learning to suppress her feminine, intuitive side as she grew up, because it was not valued. Instead she became competitive, was taught that everything was a zero sum game, and went on to great success in the corporate world, where the masculine qualities of aggressiveness, linear thinking, and action are rewarded. Overwork and a series of crises in her life precipitated a physical breakdown and a mental reckoning that caused her to re-evaluate her life. Megan realized that something was missing, something that she had lost touch with, and that was the feminine side of her nature.

But that led to the question, what is the feminine? Through a series of interviews with authors, philosophers, artists and spiritual teachers, Megan McFeely explores the attributes of feminine energy, and what reclaiming it could mean for women, for men, and for the world. By sharing her own journey of healing, McFeely illuminates the path toward wholeness for the rest of us. Beautifully filmed, “As She Is” is a quiet rallying call to meet our current personal and world crises with love and creativity.

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review by Cheryl Shainmark