Awakening to the One Mind

Just recently I reread Larry Dossey’s new book, One Mind, and I was thoroughly impressed again, picking up on details I hadn’t absorbed the first time. The author’s portrayal of a global awakening of consciousness and movement toward unity is exciting and deeply moving.

Dr. Dossey recounts research and amazing stories of near death experiences, transformative spiritual events and communication between humans and other non-humans, such as pets, or other sentient beings. It reminded me of my own unitive experience in 1977, and I found myself remembering anew that glorious sensation of connecting with higher minds and a collective conscious that is based on love. What I connected with that evening is exactly what Dossey describes: an all-encompassing infinite dimension of shared intelligence — what he calls the One Mind.

When I had my “bliss” experience in the 70’s, it was still relatively rare and most people wouldn’t speak about it for fear of being ridiculed. Now millions of people have had near death experiences, hundreds of books about encounters with various beings are on the market, animal communication is becoming common, and science has confirmed the presence of “non-local” space, telepathy and other modes of communication. It’s clear that everything is speeding up and that more and more people are learning to connect with the One Mind. I find myself very excited about these times and I look forward to hearing more stories of our great connection.

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by Merryn Jose
A professional spiritual intuitive, writer and teacher; who lives in Westchester, New York. She comes from a long lineage of practicing Celtic psychics. Her web site is a regularly updated resource of Holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties, featuring podcast interviews with cutting edge minds on Merryn is also the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the online magazine, Merlian News.