Bridge Between Worlds — Extraordinary Experiences That Changed Lives by Dan Millman and Doug Childers

Bridge Between Worlds: Extraordinary Experiences That Changed Lives by Dan Millman and Doug ChildersBridge Between Worlds is a real “feel good” book. Readers will love the inspirational stories of hope, miracles and transformation that Millman and Childers have gathered here. This is a compilation of true stories of famous and ordinary people who have had their lives transformed in ways that “challenge conventional assumptions about reality.” In each case, some extraordinary event or intervention has dramatically altered, and sometimes saved, the life of the person involved.

This book is a revised edition of a previously released book, Divine Interventions. Stories have been added and removed, giving this volume less of a religious overtone and more of a secular “we can’t explain these phenomena, but we know they exist” emphasis. What all the stories have in common is the idea of transcendent possibilities — the events, interventions and outcomes are fascinating. Readers will enjoy making their own interpretation of each story and no doubt draw inspiration from many of them.

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