Revisiting the Seth Material

Reading the Seth Material was life changing for me!! In the mid ’80s. my mother and I had been experiencing many of the same phenomena our whole lives. Someone recommended that I investigate Jane Roberts’ story of channeling material and I devoured that first book in one sitting. The Seth Material validated everything that had happened to me over the years and opened up the way I perceived the universe.

Over time I read all of Roberts’ Seth books, and found that they contained great wisdom, as well as a wider view of the universe and the nature of reality. That was several years ago but now, as I read articles relating the latest discoveries and cutting edge science, I am reminded again of why the Seth Material is still relevant. From the nature of cancer and the causes of illness, through the concept of probabilities and “different” universes, much of what Jane Roberts channeled over 40 years ago has now been verified by some leading scientists.

It turns out that what seemed like metaphysical nonsense in the 1970s, such as how we “create” our reality or how our minds can affect our health, isn’t just a flight of fancy anymore. Doctors and scientists as diverse as David Bohm, Deepak Chopra, and William Tiller have now validated these concepts. Deepak Chopra wrote, “The Seth books present an alternate map of reality with a new diagram of the psyche… useful to all explorers of consciousness.” In an interview that I did with Dr. William Tiller, he recounted how he was fortunate to meet with Jane Roberts and speak to Seth.

The psychologist Dr. Eugene Barnard at the North Carolina State University went so far as to say he experienced a conversation with a personality or intelligence whose knowledge far exceeded his own.

All of which just reminds me again that the Seth Material remains relevant for anyone who wishes to explore science, metaphysics, spirituality, how to live creatively, to stay healthy, and more. Regarding the Seth book, The Magical Approach, Marianne Williamson noted, “Seth was one of my first metaphysical teachers. He remains a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life. ”

Rick Stack, President of New Awareness Network, Inc., and one of Jane Roberts’ students, has done much to keep the Seth Material accessible and continues to teach workshops throughout the world. To this day, Jane Roberts’ work, in its entirety, is housed at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

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Guardian Energies of Place: What Do They Feel? by Tim Walter

Guardian energies of place can be engaged in conversation just like a human being. We can have conversations with any of them, if necessary using dowsing. They are always willing to share their perspective on their awareness and seem to view our questions with patience and acceptance. They are after all, an aspect of the overall collective consciousness just like us, but they are being expressed in a different dimension that overlaps ours.

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House Healing by Tim Walter

Architects and designers are aware of a phenomenon called “sick building syndrome.” My work can address some of the issues found in sick building syndrome such as detrimental Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) but usually the work I do is to assist people who are either suffering unusual effects from being in their homes or they have come to me suffering from symptoms that are collectively referred to as Geopathic Stress.

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Absent Healing by David Cunningham

My name is David l Cunningham, and I am a Divine gifted healer. I have been using my gift since 1971 and I have worked with thousands of people worldwide. Absent healing is achieved by me working through the persons photograph channelling the healing energy into the image. This type of healing can be as powerful as hands on healing.

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Signs of Spirit by Roland Comtois

| by Cheryl Shainmark

Roland M. Comtois is an internationally acclaimed channel, best-selling speaker and author of And Then There was Heaven -A Journey of Hope and Love. A sought-after TV and radio personality, Roland has earned a devoted following among tens of thousands of clients of all ages and from all walks of life who regularly seek his spiritual counsel during private readings, holistic healing sessions, special events and group workshops. His new book, Signs of Spirit, is a heart warming compendium of his channeled “Purple Papers,” written by those who have received word from their loved ones who have passed on. Their stories are heart warming and inspiring – a must read for those who believe in life after death, or those seeking comfort after losing a loved one.

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Merlian News Podcast Interview with Jodi Serota

| by Merlian News

Jodi Serota is a life-changing metaphysical educator, channel, vibrational healer and professional artist. Her remarkable sound healing powers are used to create activations and initiations which instantly make major shifts in consciousness and healing. Jodi creates multi-media concerts and events for consciousness raising, transformation and the creative process.

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Working with Spirit: Thoughts of Dorothy Davies

| by Dorthy Davies

There are many levels of spirit people: there is the guide who chose to walk with you from the moment you arrived on this earth plane, there is the guardian angel who has attached themselves to you to guard you and protect you…There is no better way of living a life. With their help I have grown wiser, more able to give to others on this side of life, more capable of sharing their wisdom with those who come to me for readings for advice. With their help I have learned to appreciate every day, no matter what it brings me.

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Join the Conversation at Talk Stream Spiritual Radio

Are you interested in joining in on a spiritual conversation? Check out Roland Comtois’s Roland, an internationally renowned channel and author of “And Then There Was Heaven,” interviews the most fascinating people for his talk show. He also shares life-affirming messages of hope and love on his Soul Stories radio show. You can tune in live to ask Roland your on-air questions!

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Ask Li Chen: Channeled Answers to Your Spiritual Questions by Jocelyn Graef

| by Staff

Q: Li Chen, can you help to resolve the emotions of anger and grief peacefully? A: Dear One, painful emotions are always difficult. This does not mean it is necessary always to resolve them peacefully. This may be a surprising response, so let us look at these two powerful emotions. Grief is an expression of loss of those who are beloved. It is an expression of honor in this sense. The passing of someone who has been important to you can be a sustained grief — there are many religions who suggest that a period of time be set aside to allow for grieving…

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Ask Li Chen: Does the Soul Enter the Body at Conception?

| by Jocelyn Graef

Q: Li Chen, does a soul enter the body at the instant of conception, and is it the same for everyone? A: A very deep and thoughtful question, Dear One. Each soul chooses its own time to enter the new body. It is different for everyone. Speaking purely on the factual aspects, a soul will rarely enter a body at the time of conception, but generally wait until later in the pregnancy up to several months after the child is born. Most commonly, the soul attaches to the body in the last few months of pregnancy.

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