Absent Healing by David Cunningham

My name is David l Cunningham, and I am a Divine gifted healer. I have been using my gift since 1971 and I have worked with thousands of people worldwide. Absent healing is achieved by me working through the persons photograph channelling the healing energy into the image. This type of healing can be as powerful as hands on healing.

Testimonial from a recent client’s healing journey:

My co-author, Linda, called with an unusual request for assistance in helping heal a long-time friend and her son. Linda has documented, tabulated and written with me, all about my life history and successful healings, since 1999. (Please see our books below.)

Linda’s friend Sally was experiencing debilitating rheumatoid arthritis (RA), as well as, auto immune deficiencies. She was in daily pain and struggled getting out of bed and choosing whether to take mind-altering pain medicines. She was forced to retire this spring due to her symptoms. Of note and important context, Sally’s son Manuel, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) fifteen years ago and recently attempted suicide. His walking ability and speech are now showing signs of disease progression. He had been deeply depressed for over two years and lived much like a hermit. Manuel would stay in bed in his parents’ house every day and often went weeks without bathing nor going out.

After one online video-virtual healing session with Sally, I agreed to continue working on Sally and her son Manuel with my absent healing energies. Sally knew about this help for herself and her son, yet chose not to tell Manuel, because he was not convinced, he can be helped.
Sally experienced many days of painful releasing. She wrote letters and did other homework I suggested. Within one month of Sally’s session and daily absent healings from me, she just came back from a week’s family beach vacation and feels super-charged with energies and far, far less debilitating pains.

Manuel, calling Linda to share his miraculous experiences in the past month, stated, “I am feeling my body get up and go like I have fireworks inside!” Now, in this past month, Manuel is off alcohol and mind-altering medications. He participated fully in his family’s recent beach vacation by planning and preparing for the trip, helping pack the car, and participating with meals. He telephoned his long-time mentor Linda while on the beach to tell her how beautiful his life is, how bright the sun and colours are – and how his mind is still feeling like mind-blowing fireworks energies!
Linda, who has known Manuel for 30 years, is reminded of how Manuel used to be – brimming with life and creativity – BEFORE he received his MS diagnosis. Linda, Manuel’s mother Sally, his father, and three siblings all have observed and state, unequivocally, that my absent healing co-created a series of currently experienced family miracles.

This is just one of many incredible Absent Healing stories.

Merlian News Podcast with Spiritual Healer David Cunningam

Shift Your Life by David Cunningham with Linda Lee Ratto

David Cunningham worked with a medical doctor who was an HIV specialist and during the day, David drew blood and counseled HIV and Aids patients. At night, he began his spiritual healing ministry by working with patients who had no hope for a medical cure. David’s reputation for healing reached Hayley Mills, the international actress and daughter of Sir John Mills. It was Ms. Mills’ incredible life-altering experience and the publicity of her story that launched David Cunningham’s career on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
For further information please view:  www.davidlcunninghamspiritualhealer.com Cunninghamd120@gmail.com
+44 191 903 6657
+44 7960 947700

Guardian Energies of Place: What Do They Feel? by Tim Walter

Guardian energies of place can be engaged in conversation just like a human being. We can have conversations with any of them, if necessary using dowsing. They are always willing to share their perspective on their awareness and seem to view our questions with patience and acceptance. They are after all, an aspect of the overall collective consciousness just like us, but they are being expressed in a different dimension that overlaps ours.

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Signs of Spirit by Roland Comtois

| by Cheryl Shainmark

Roland M. Comtois is an internationally acclaimed channel, best-selling speaker and author of And Then There was Heaven -A Journey of Hope and Love. A sought-after TV and radio personality, Roland has earned a devoted following among tens of thousands of clients of all ages and from all walks of life who regularly seek his spiritual counsel during private readings, holistic healing sessions, special events and group workshops. His new book, Signs of Spirit, is a heart warming compendium of his channeled “Purple Papers,” written by those who have received word from their loved ones who have passed on. Their stories are heart warming and inspiring – a must read for those who believe in life after death, or those seeking comfort after losing a loved one.

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Revisiting the Seth Material

| by Merryn Jose

Reading the Seth Material was life changing for me!! In the mid ’80s, my mother and I had been experiencing many of the same phenomena our whole lives. Someone recommended that I investigate Jane Roberts’ story of channeling material and I devoured that first book in one sitting.

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Merlian News Podcast Interview with Jodi Serota

| by Merlian News

Jodi Serota is a life-changing metaphysical educator, channel, vibrational healer and professional artist. Her remarkable sound healing powers are used to create activations and initiations which instantly make major shifts in consciousness and healing. Jodi creates multi-media concerts and events for consciousness raising, transformation and the creative process.

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Working with Spirit: Thoughts of Dorothy Davies

| by Dorthy Davies

There are many levels of spirit people: there is the guide who chose to walk with you from the moment you arrived on this earth plane, there is the guardian angel who has attached themselves to you to guard you and protect you…There is no better way of living a life. With their help I have grown wiser, more able to give to others on this side of life, more capable of sharing their wisdom with those who come to me for readings for advice. With their help I have learned to appreciate every day, no matter what it brings me.

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Join the Conversation at Talk Stream Spiritual Radio

Are you interested in joining in on a spiritual conversation? Check out Roland Comtois’s www.talkstreamspiritualradio.com. Roland, an internationally renowned channel and author of “And Then There Was Heaven,” interviews the most fascinating people for his talk show. He also shares life-affirming messages of hope and love on his Soul Stories radio show. You can tune in live to ask Roland your on-air questions!

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Ask Li Chen: Channeled Answers to Your Spiritual Questions by Jocelyn Graef

| by Staff

Q: Li Chen, can you help to resolve the emotions of anger and grief peacefully? A: Dear One, painful emotions are always difficult. This does not mean it is necessary always to resolve them peacefully. This may be a surprising response, so let us look at these two powerful emotions. Grief is an expression of loss of those who are beloved. It is an expression of honor in this sense. The passing of someone who has been important to you can be a sustained grief — there are many religions who suggest that a period of time be set aside to allow for grieving…

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Ask Li Chen: Does the Soul Enter the Body at Conception?

| by Jocelyn Graef

Q: Li Chen, does a soul enter the body at the instant of conception, and is it the same for everyone? A: A very deep and thoughtful question, Dear One. Each soul chooses its own time to enter the new body. It is different for everyone. Speaking purely on the factual aspects, a soul will rarely enter a body at the time of conception, but generally wait until later in the pregnancy up to several months after the child is born. Most commonly, the soul attaches to the body in the last few months of pregnancy.

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Ask Li Chen: Do Trees Communicate?

| by Staff

Q: Li Chen, do trees communicate? A: Dear One, all life communicates in ways most mysterious and glorious. In the spirit of your question, yes, trees do communicate very specifically with each other. When one is in tune, one can also receive communication from trees, though this is rare. It is not as though trees are inhabited by spirits in order to communicate. It is the ability for each tree — as it is for humans and animals and other life forms — to speak to each other in very observable ways….

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