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Master Mingtong Gu is an internationally recognized teacher and healer in Wisdom Healing Qigong, who received his training from a variety of Grandmasters of China and Tibet and at the largest Qigong medicine-less hospital in China. As founder of The Chi Center, he helps lead a journey of health and happiness through online Pure Qi courses, workshops and retreats for the public, wellness professionals and Qigong teacher certification. He is the author of several publications including Wisdom Healing Qigong: Activate and Embody Wisdom and Energy for Health, Healing and Happiness and Sound Healing Technologies. Master Gu received Qigong Master of the Year Award from the 2011 World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In this two part podcast, Merryn Jose talks with Master Mingtong Gu about:

  • What is Chi energy?
  • What is Qigong & Wisdom Healing Qigong?
  • How Wisdom Healing Qigong can reverse aging and illness
  • The journey of Qigong and when someone begins
  • Who can be helped by Qigong
  • What age to begin
  • What conditions are helped
  • How learning Qigong from a Qigong Master is helpful
  • How soon a student can feel the benefit
  • How it may be different for a beginner or dedicated student
  • Where you can learn

Special Meditation in Part Two!

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Using Qi Gong to Fight Covid 19

| by Merryn Jose

You did everything right: you quarantined, wiped down your groceries, stayed out of restaurants and did your best to reduce risk; and yet, you still got Covid. What do you do now? Well, in addition to everything your doctor recommends, you might want to add Qi Gong to your regimen to speed up your recovery. One of my favorite Qi Gong masters, is Lee Holden at  He studied with Master Mantak Chia, an early teacher of mine. Master Holden recently wrote about some interesting research highlighting the benefits of using Qi Gong in the fight against Covid.

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Using Qigong to Reduce Cortisol, The “Stress Hormone”

Healers have known for years that practicing qigong reduces stress and energizes the body and mind. Now multiple studies from researchers have documented the exact degree to which qigong aids in balancing cortisol, otherwise known as the “stress hormone.” Besides improving your mood, reducing cortisol levels allow your body to heal and repair itself.

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Reboot and Rejoice: How I healed from PD using the body/mind practice of Qigong

| by Cheryl Shainmark

Reboot and Rejoice is a wonderfully personal account of the author’s full recovery from Parkinson’s Disease using qigong. Ms. Molle shares her regimen, including details of the specific teachers, CDs, websites, etc., that she used to facilitate her healing. Now, more than three years after her recovery, she shares the specifics, as well as her reflections on the healing process.

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Qigong Master Entrances Animals, Puts them to Sleep

Japanese Qigong Master Kanzawa Sensei manipulates qi (or chi), the subtle energy that animates all living things. Long associated with healing, meditation, feats of strength and the martial arts, Kanzawa Sensei uses his mind and talent in a different way. First televised on Stan Lee’s series, “Superhumans,” viewers watched as he put several animals to sleep, including alpaca and buffalo, using just his mind and qi energy. When asked how he was doing this, Kanzawa replied, “I exchange energy with the animals, and then they go to sleep.”

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Check out this wonderful resource: Practitioners can share events, join the holistic directory, read articles and post questions to their experts. LinkHolistic is now the leading holistic professional and community site, featuring teacher events, practitioner listings, group support and holistic forums.

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Delay or Reverse Aging with Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga and More

There’s increased evidence showing that practices such as qi gong, meditation and yoga can not only prevent disease, but actually reverse it and delay aging as well. As scientists learn more about such topics as gene expression, what turns a gene on or off, and how to prevent telomeres, (the strands of protein in our cells that control aging) from unraveling, it becomes impossible to ignore just how much our good lifestyle choices can pay off.

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Can’t Get Out? Learn Qi Gong at Home with Lee Holden

For over 25 years Lee Holden has devoted his career to helping others learn the powerful principles of Qi Gong. Working in collaboration with Grand Master Mantak Chia, a Qi Gong expert, he has worked to bring the ancient Taoist practice to western culture. Lee Holden is an instructor in Qi Gong, meditation, and Tai Chi, and is a licensed acupuncturist. In addition to his international teaching and private practice, he works as a stress management consultant to several corporations, including Apple and 3Com.

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Treating Dementia With Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Yoga

| by Merlian News

Do you know someone who suffers from dementia? Witnessing a loved one slowly lose their memory and reasoning skills can be a very painful experience. Dementia is a persistent syndrome that tends to get worse over time–affecting memory, thinking, and behavior. It is distinct from Alzheimer’s in that Alzheimer’s is a specific disease, but general dementia can stem from a variety of unrelated brain illnesses.

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Using Chi Gong to Treat Cancer

| by Merlian News

All over Shanghai there were people getting together every morning, hundreds of people in dozens of places, to practice these seemingly simple forms of exercise to fight their cancer. These groups were run solely by cancer survivors who had used this form of exercise. In Shanghai alone, there were almost 3,000 people in these cancer recovery clubs, and besides the exercise they also scheduled group trips, met for yearly anniversaries of members survival, and generally supported each other in their fight.

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