Tarot for Self-Transformation by Sahar Huneidi

During December of last year, I was invited by my friend and colleague, Nathalie Khalaf, to give a short introductory workshop in Dubai on Tarot, before her main workshop on creating vision boards.

I looked for a link between the two subject natters to make my introduction relevant to her subject; and it dawned on me it is the visual images of the tarot deck.

When creating a vision board, you go through magazines and you select images that convey what you aspire to create- a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that is exactly what the Tarot cards do- the other way around! The images portrayed in a tarot deck contain numerous symbols that when you look at them, they provoke or inspire guidance in the form of a story.

The story that the Tarot cards tell, is that of the Fool, the first card which carry number zero; depicting his journey of transformation from zero to hero. The last card of the tarot story is The World, where the Fool, having understood life and gained wisdom from his experiences, armed with his logical thinking, skills he has acquired (the magician) as well as his innate intuition (the high priestess); has now “owned” his life, fulfilled his life’s purpose and his consciousness has evolved. The world is now his oyster (the world).

The tarot tells the story, my story, your story, of self-transformation through trials, tabulations and victories through the character of the “Fool”; who starts his life, like you and me, with a blank canvas, taking risks – some good others bad.  He then grows, matures by going through experiences and having to make decisions and interacting with others.

These experiences, if seen understood and seen from the right perspective, shape his character and allow him to evolve further. If not, they tend to repeat themselves, all be it on another level, until he does. The Minor cards, which are the remaining 56 cards, show more details of the Fool’s state of mind, emotions, inspiration and his ability to develop skills that allow him to express his life purpose.

In a way, the Tarot does predict what happens to the Fool on his journey; but for me they are about what is beyond divination – they can guide you through the pitfalls of life and inspire you to reflect and become aware of what cycle of the journey you are going through and how to arrive at your destination.

Isn’t it wonderful that Fool is able to show us that so we can learn from his journey and become aware of what ours is about through a creative, visual process that unravels your mind, expands your perspective and challenges your understanding?

That is what I teach now – Tarot for Self-Transformation. An insight into what you are going through is much more valuable than a prediction. It can transform your understanding and your life in turn. My “star students” are now on level 2, and I am encouraged by requests from various clients to offer the course as an online webinar. In the meantime, I will soon be starting Level 1 with new intake. Email me if you are interested.

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