Chakra Alignment Series: Fifth Chakra

***image1***The Throat CenterPhysically, the throat needs the support of the upper torso muscles surrounding the heart center in order to be strong, flexible, and in proper alignment. Etherically, When the 5th Chakra, also known as the throat or Visshuda Chakra, the seat of self expression, has the support of the heart chakra we can draw on what is essential and communicate more effectively. It is the causeway between our discernment and our all embracing aspect.

When energy flows freely between the poles of the thinking mind and acting heart, we become more open physically, emotionally and spiritually. Stress often causes our shoulders to creep up. We become like a turtle retreating into its shell. The shoulders need to be anchored down to support our neck gracefully. Sleeping on too firm pillows, and/or constantly bending our heads forward to peer at a computer or television screen, eventually stresses the neck. Thinking too much causes us to literally “lead ‘with our heads.

Since the average head weighs 12 to 14 lbs. (about the weight of a bowling ball) the neck is strained when it’s not balanced at the apex of the spine. According to Yoga, thinking too much also drains the Navel Center of energy. The Navel represents our core strength and is ideally where all movement originates.Your dietary habits can also effect your neck. Eating late at night often causes a stiff neck the next day. The digestive meridians run through the sides and back of the neck and are reflecting the state of an overburdened digestive system.The neck is an important crossroads connecting the subconscious (solar plexus) and the conscious minds. Nerves run between the solar plexus region and the head, crisscrossing at the back of the neck. The solar plexus is where our inspiration and creative ideas are formed so the mind can retrieve these ideas and act on them. You could also say the neck is the causeway between earth and ether, or your ability to conceive of something and give it expression on the physical plane.If you often suffer from neck tension and cannot move your head easily through poses obviously your neck is not being supported by your upper torso. Remember, if you feel tension anywhere in the body, you are not being supported somewhere below. Down Dog and Plank poses are good for building support in the upper body. Always be sure to draw your shoulder blades down the spine, away from your ears.Jalandhar Bhand (Neck lock)Neck lock is the most often used lock in Kundalini Yoga. A lock should not be thought of as a forceful closure but as a way of redirecting energies. Neck lock should be applied for all meditations and breathing exercises, especially while holding the breath in or out.Sit with a straight spine. Raise your self up on a blanket if necessary to be comfortable. Pull your chin straight back (not up or down) towards the throat. You will feel your sternum lift and your shoulders naturally want to roll backwards as your heart center opens.

We want to feel a lengthening through the cervical vertebrae. Let the muscles of the jaw and face and throat stay relaxed. If you reach back with your hand you should still feel a gentle curve inwards on the back of your neck. We are straightening the spinal curves but not flattening them–just enough to let the energies flow unencumbered. This lock will help your glandular and nervous systems to balance and make it much easier to stay focused and meditate deeply.Another important exercise for the neck is simple neck rolls. You can use a rolled-up towel around your neck to help support the weight of your head as it goes back. If you feel tension in this you may need to strengthen your upper back muscles. Keep your face and throat relaxed, and your mouth slightly open. Start counterclockwise. Go slow (about 8+ seconds per turn), for about 8-12 revolutions each way.***image2***Mediatation Of The Month: Mastering the Art of Being & NothingnessAccording to Yoga, when the Throat Center is activated the Heavens serve us: our concepts become concrete, and we can create form out of formula, and being out of nothingness. Vac Siddhi means the Power of the Word. Your speech is imbued with a vibratory effect, so that whatever you say resonates through all worlds. You become a master manifester and our every utterance augurs or creates that reality.

The Biblical prophets, John the Baptist, Elijah, etc. were examples of Throat Center people. They were driven to speak the Truth, regardless of the consequences. Martin Luther King is an example of a Throat Center person. He was very eloquent and said what needed to be said in spite of the risks involved. Until April 12th, the planet Mercury (relating to communication, travel, and telecommunication devices) is in retrograde. This means that as Earth passes Mercury in its orbit, it appears that Mercury is moving backwards in the sky. Invariably, when Mercury is in retrograde, travel plans go awry, miscommunications occur, and telecommunication devices go haywire. Also, be on the lookout for people from your past making a reappearance.The Throat Center relates to listening, knowledge of self, and all knowledge. This meditation, according to Yoga, can give you the Power of the Great Voice and also render you super intelligent. If you would like to learn to be more direct in your communication this would be a great practice for you.Sitting with your spine straight and hips square. Extend your arms in front of the body, at an angle of 60 degrees, as if projecting out the hairline, palms down. Hook the thumbs. Inhale and in a rhythmic monotone chant 2-3x per breath: Sat Nam 6x Wahay Guru.

With every syllable pull the navel in slightly. Place the sounds at the chakra points: rectum, sex organ, navel, sternum, throat brow, top of the head, above the top of the head. 11 min. To end a meditation, inhale, stretch your arms overhead, elongate your spine, then exhale and shake your hands. Sit quietly for a minute before resuming normal activity.Talking or singing loudly activates the Throat Center. Do this chant powerfully. This meditation will also give you the ability to match someone’s frequency. Effective communication is impossible unless one is able to be on the same level as the person they’re talking to and elevate them from there.

All Best to You,Ravi & Ana

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by Ravi Singh and Ana Brett
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