Clues To Our Past Lives, by Jewelle St. James

The mysterious notion of past lives: Did I live before? Who was I? Where did I live? In what century? Am I with family, friends or lovers from a previous time?

***image1***Do we really live more than once? Clues to our former selves, peeking through the veil, are present today, if we care to pay attention. It could be in our quirks, hobbies, tastes or even occupations. Eras in history or cultures that call to us, attracting our attention, yet having no bearing on our current lives are whispers from the past, saying, “Remember me?” or “Please deal with me, so I may heal.”

Be it a soldier from the Roman Empire, a Mammie from the old southern United States, or a Haida Indian on the west coast of Canada, your past incarnations, if unhealed, have traveled with you through time. Lessons not learned, grief to heal, or relationships that are unfinished, are carried with us so we may attempt to deal with them again, once and for all. “But how do I deal with unfinished business from a past life, when I don’t know where to begin?” you may ask.

Past Life Regression: Find a trusted, experienced therapist who specializes in past lives, and if you are open to unearthing your own truth, the pieces of your individual puzzle will begin to fall into place. You may take this a step further, by checking out your past life regression information with ancient records, history, and facts.

***image2***Be a detective: Check the history books, join a genealogy group, and learn to be a researcher. Once we have proof of our previous existence, it enables us to accept who we were, and heal that past. As you begin to ask questions of yourself and the Universe, you will find assistance in the most surprising of places as your buried memories, as well as factual information, begin to reveal themselves.

The discovery of one’s past life will eventually bring forth evidence of many past lives, as the soul sees the opportunity to heal on various levels. Within our current lives we are all given situations and circumstances to handle past problems. Often the clues are the little things. Why does wearing a turtleneck sweater drive you mad? Why does the sound of bagpipes make you cry? Perhaps your refrigerator is jam packed, you’re 30 pounds overweight, yet you fear starving to death.

Our relationships are usually always a repeat from across the centuries, and are like those wooden Russian dolls; one fits neatly inside the other and so on and so forth. You can currently live with past life soul mates as you are simultaneously working out issues from varied time periods. It’s like a hundred wooden dolls that all fit together becoming one doll. To heal your past lives is the greatest gift you can bestow upon your current life. It’s incredible how healing a grief stricken life in the seventeenth century can bring a smile to your face in the 21st century.

Jewelle St. James is the author of All You Need Is Love, “the incredible true story of one woman’s search, discovering her past life with John Lennon in ancient England.” For further information on the author and her work, please visit:

by Jewelle St. James
Author of All You Need Is Love, "the incredible true story of one woman's search, discovering her past life with John Lennon in ancient England."