Coming Home To The Moon by Regine Urbach

“All I want is a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air…” — Eliza Doolittle

This “room somewhere” is different for each person, and the placement of the moon in the natal chart can give us an indication of what makes us feel “at home.”

Let’s begin with the moon in the element of FIRE. The Aries moon needs to express her passion and individuality and she needs to be where the action is. Her “room somewhere” must be up front and exciting. A flat near the Moulin Rouge in Paris, or a room overlooking the Carnival in Rio would be ideal. The Leo moon must come home to a place that reflects her self expression, her creativity, her inner child. She will feel at home on a theatrical stage, or in a palatial ballroom, or just simply in a room filled with her own creations. The Sagittarian moon is a very light hearted moon. Laughter will make her feel at home. She will be happy on a plane flying to some faraway destination, or in a lecture room studying philosophy or anthropology, or living with a foreign exchange student. It is the task of the fire signs to relax and experience the receptive nature of the moon.

It is the EARTH moons that crave security and stability. The Taurus moon will feel nourished when she can come home to a beautiful, sensual room, full of the treasures she owns and loves. The Virgo moon requires a well ordered environment. She would feel at home in a room with many closets, several storage spaces and a desk with lots of drawers. Though this need for structure and routine is important to the Virgo, she needs to let go sometimes and give in to the “chaos” of the feelings associated with the moon, for the moon by nature is not well ordered. To the Capricorn moon, achievement is important. Her walls would be filled with all the degrees she has earned, and her shingle would be hanging out the window. The Capricorn moon needs to feel accomplished, but she must learn to trust simply in the innate value of herself.

The moon by nature is emotional and watery, but the AIR signs need to intellectualize their feelings in order to be at peace with them. The Gemini moon simply needs to communicate. Collecting information is what makes her feel secure. She will feel at home in a room where the walls are lined with books, or simply on the street taking a walk, observing local phenomena, and chatting with various people. The Libra moon needs relationship to feel secure. She will feel most at home where there’s an elegant, candle-lit table for two. The romantic Libra can get lost in the feelings of the other person so she must try to get more in touch with her own needs. The Aquarius moon will feel most at home in a room full of like minded people. She is the humanitarian, but also the rebel. The Aquarian moon person will want to make all her friends feel at home, but it is important for her to make a special effort to be responsive to the one with whom she is in close personal relationship.

The WATER signs are most compatible with the emotional sensitivity of the moon. Give a Cancer moon a beautiful kitchen and she is a happy camper. But because she has the tendency to retreat into the safety of her small family circle, it is her challenge to venture out and experience the world. The Scorpio moon, being co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, is an interesting mix of passion and power. She is deeply private, bordering on secretive. Scorpio moon people may feel at home in private, dark, clandestine places with a hint of danger. Somewhere where they can plum the depths of their feelings, yet still be in control. And finally the Pisces moon, the dreamer, is highly sensitive to not only her own feelings, but to all of humanity as well. She is at home in a secluded place, a sanctuary, a harbor, a convent or a tavern. The Pisces moon needs to detach from her empathetic feelings and to find her own center.

And so we each seek a room of our own, where we can come to rest, regenerate and nourish ourselves.

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by Regine Urbach
Regine is a keen astrologer, who has been practicing astrology for 20 years. She is also a wonderful vegetarian cook and has a passion for music and Latin dance.