December 2007 Merlian Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

In the pagan wheel of the year the winter solstice is the time of Yule. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th . The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah also takes place in the month of December.

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New Items Posted in Merlian News

Channeling & Mediumship Merlian News Podcasts With Psychic Medium Philip Solomon

Philip Solomon has been described byHans Holzeras one of the finest Spiritualist mediums in the world. He is also an author, writer, and broadcaster, for many years operating for the BBC at their Pebble Mill studios in England. Today, he has clients worldwide and his own radio programme on WCR 101.8 FM and writes the back-page feature column for Psychic News, the oldest established and most respected publication of its kind in the world. Philip always describes himself as just a very ordinary who just happens to have a very special gift. In this podcast, Philip discusses withMerlian News growing up psychic, how he came to have tea with the Queen of England, his relationship with Hans Holzer, his latest book: Beyond Death – Conditions In The Afterlife, his work with charities, and his other business endeavors.


Merlian News Podcasts With Sahar Huneidi Sahar Huneidi isa professional intuitive, a Spiritual LifeCoaching columnist for Prediction Magazine (the original body mind spirit magazine in the UK, established in 1936), and publisher of a holistic Internet resource. Sahar launched the first dedicated podcasting service on spiritual and psychic matters, and well-being; on and ; attracting over 50,000 subscribers world-wide to date. She lives and works in London. In this Podcast Sahar discusses with Merlian News, her newly published book, “Your Future in a Coffee Cup” , her busylife as a psychic, and her plans for the future.

Wellbeing & Healing

Merlian News Podcasts With Mitzi Adams Mitzi Adams was first introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu in 1986 when she started her graduate studies in dance in Arizona. She has studied for a little over two decades and has taught Self-help Jin Shin Jyutsu at various universities. Her love and devotion to Jin Shin Jyutsu are witnessed through her teachings, inspiring all those drawn to this profound art. In this podcast, Mitzi discusses with Merlian Newswhat Jin Shin Jyutsu is, how it is applied, how you can use it everyday, and the various healing benefits it provides.

Books The Leap by Constance Kellough

This is a book for these times, casting a spotlight on ego, victimhood, and fear based thinking in all its manifestations. You will recognize yourself and others on an individual level and come to understand terrorism, corporate greed and government war-mongering on a collective or global level. We need The Leap to a higher functioning, now more than ever — but as the author says there is more hope now and more positive signs of a higher consciousness at work than ever before. With The Leap it may be easier now than ever before, too.

Books Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health: Metaphysics and Medicine for Mind, Body, and Spirit By Dr. Steven E. Hodes

In a series of easy to follow chapters that represent the essence of his prescriptions for living, he imparts snippets of wisdom on a wide range of topics that run the gamut from explaining metaphysics and healing, to sharing his controversial view that death is not the big deal we make it into in this culture. Chapters include: Metaphysics, What Does It Mean?, Solving Life’s Mysteries, Anatomy of a Belief. Science and Spirituality, Metaphysics of the Unexplained, Death as a Transition Not a Tragedy, Suffering Is Not Punishment, Spiritually Correct Forgiveness, and Healing–What Does It Really Mean?

People Dollars For Darfur

Darfur is an area about the size of Texas in western Sudan. The approximately 6 million inhabitants of Darfur are among the poorest in Africa with hardly any access to roads, ports, or even water sources. They exist largely on subsistence farming or nomadic herding. Even in good times, the Darfuri people live a difficult life; these are not good times in Darfur. The current crisis in Darfur began in 2003. After decades of neglect, drought and oppression, two rebel groups mounted an insurgency against Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir. President al-Bashir’s response was brutal. To defeat the rebel movements, he armed and supported several militant groups, now collectively known as the Janjaweed. Here’s howeveryone, especially school students, can HELP!!

Conscious Eating Tom’s Table Tour: Veggie Fest 2007- Annual Festival for Vegetarian Living

The Veggie Fest has become a major, annual happening in Chicagoland — I attended the 2007 event in August. This fair meanders over about ten acres, obviously with numerous booths selling all variety of eats — hot & cold, cooked and raw, fast food favorites and ethnic specialties from around the world. The international food tents were a great adventure. An audience would gather in a tent (numerous choices — Indian, Cuban, Columbian, German….) for an ethnic cooking exhibition right on the spot. Then at the conclusion, we would all sample the creations. This went on all through the day. All for free. This event was created and sponsored by an all vegetarian organization called Science of Spirituality on their campus in Naperville, IL.

Spirituality Your Personal Book of Love —A Road Map To Wedded Bliss Second Time Around By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway The vows you speak at your wedding will tend to be romantic, and on the short side. Give the wedding vows you exchange a special page of honor in your manual and expand them into a longer definition of your intentions for marriage. You can add in all the things you thought of afterwards, or the things that were too personal to share in public. These are very personal statements the two of you can come up with together.

Spirituality History In The Making: Mayan Elders Visit Pittsburgh, Verify Our City’s Link To The 2012 Prophecies The Grandmothers are women of prayer and action. They’ve come together from around the globe — the Arctic Circle, North, Central and South America, Asia and Africa — because they were told in prophecy that their ancestral ways of prayer, peace-making and healing are vitally needed in the world today. They speak in one united voice to awaken the people of the world to the catastrophic consequences we face if we don’t change the way we relate to each other and our Mother Earth. Accomplished indigenous healers/medicine women, the grandmothers inspire change through their living example.

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