Do You Viv? Learn How You Can Help The Planet This Earth Day & Every Day!

Global warming is a serious issue, an urgent issue, and the likelihood of a silver bullet solution popping up is virtually zero. The catch is global warming affects everything: from local environments to global ecosystems, flooded towns to regional water shortages, crop shortages to famines, economic pinches to industry downturns… and the list goes on. We could see business, government, and philanthropic efforts set back by years if we do not address the daunting– yet potentially unifying– challenge of global warming.

We wanted to take a different approach to solving it. So we asked ourselves, ‘How could we accelerate the pace of green change across the board? What if we could turn current thinking on its head where neither people nor businesses have to make sacrifices to help the planet?’ Thus, Viv was born. We literally wanted to connect people of all stripes and business of all types through a massive network of win-win relationships.

We are about empowering consumers. We are about empowering businesses. We are about real green change. Simply put, we want to put sustainability on steroids and enable you to drive the change. The beauty of it is that it is not that hard to do, but we need a lot of people and organizations to join us as partners to pull it off. We have a vision that everyone can embrace. It’s super simple, it’s really real, and it does a lot of green. Strap in and join us for the adventure.

Go Viv…” – Arul Velan, co-founder

How It Works

Viv is an incredibly simple way for you to help your local businesses become more green. It doesn’t cost you a thing and you don’t have to make trade-offs on what you buy.

1. STEP ONE: Put a sticker on the front of your credit card.

2. STEP TWO: Viv your purchases- Have your sticker scanned or show it to an employee when making a purchase at a Viv business.

3. STEP THREE: Businesses do a little green- Each Viv business establishes a Green Action Schedule that makes them more green when you Viv purchases.

4. STEP FOUR: See the Change- Check out a Viv business’ profile page to see the green actions they’ve completed!

Click Here To Get Your Free Stickers!

You can view a list of businesses who participate. While they are currently only in San Francisco, CA, you have the power to bring it to your area! If you own a business or know someone who does, Click Here To Become A Viv Business!

How Can Viv Help Your Business?

Higher SalesThe Viv program engages your customers and ultimately increases sales by allowing new & existing customers to actively green your stores. The more your customers can involve themselves in the great green work you do, the more they will want to spend with you and visit your stores.Real Customer LoyaltyViv allows you to create deeper relationships with your customers by sharing your green achievements online and exciting consumers about your green efforts so they keep coming back.Go Green, Save MoneyYou want to reduce your environmental footprint and save costs– we can make it happen. We focus on resource savings that ultimately save you money and hit your bottom-line.Stronger BrandingExcite your customers in new ways and generate buzz about your business & brand!Easy to Join, Easy to IntroduceTo start Viving you only need to do 3 simple things: 1) Record Viv’d purchases (via one of the means mentioned above), 2) Report the total number of purchases Viv’d each month, and 3) Approve an initial Green Action Schedule (recommended by Viv).

To View Businesses That Viv, Click Here.

For more information, please visit, and “Do A Little Green!”More on Environmental Awareness>

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