Dream A New World by Eliza Mada Dalian

A time of crises can be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on our point of view. The popular saying, “a blessing in disguise,” is here once again to be tested and see its wisdom proven.

A time of crisis is a valuable time, as it simultaneously heralds the opportunity for a new beginning. The deeper the crisis, the greater opportunities it presents for a breakthrough. Perhaps you can recall a time in your life when what you thought to be disheartening and devastating at a first glance was only preparing you to recognize and receive the rewards. We can withstand this storm – no matter how traumatic, devastating, or painful it may be – and we will have much to be grateful for when the storm passes. A time of crisis teaches us humility and helps us strengthen our spirit so we can evolve and soar into greater heights.

In these trying yet blessed times our challenge as individuals and nations should NOT be inhowto fix the old, deteriorating foundations, but inhow to take advantage of this window of opportunity and dismantle what’s old and outdated so that we may begin building something new and greater.

The breakdown of our global economy may just be the blessed moment of opportunity for which we have been waiting for millennia. Could it be that we are finally ready to dismantle the old belief systems that have kept us separate and suffering? Could it be that we are finally ready to awaken from the old dream that we collectively created and have lived in for so long? Do we have the courage to let go of our insecurities and our fear to embrace joy?

I feel most of us are.

Seize the Opportunity

Just as the farmer who needs to till the soil after each harvest, this global economic “break-down” is our opportunity to let go of our old, dysfunctional dream and plant new seeds that can grow into a New Era of a united and conscious humanity.

As a collective, we now have the opportunity of a lifetime to break through our outdated beliefs and allow ourselves to be transformed into more enlightened and loving humanity. If we can alter our perspective — move higher and take a bird’s eye look at the global financial breakdown that is happening all around us today, our transformation will be easier and less painful.

A time of crises – if we so choose – can be a blessed time. It holds within it the seed of new and better beginning. We can either choose to hold on to our old, failing structures (economic, political, or religious), to continue living in fear and anxiety about tomorrow, or we can choose to take advantage of the current situation and decide to create a new and more loving world both within and outside of ourselves.

To do this, we each need to take responsibility, to look inside and recognize our deeply rooted fears, unconscious beliefs, and old behavior patterns. If we endeavor to do what it takes to heal our wounds of separation, we can awaken to our god-given nature, which is always in peace, kindness and joy.

Dream a New World

Both mystics and scientists agree this world is a dream, a hologram, created by our thoughts and emotions. If that is so, then we have the power to dream up a brave New World, built on a foundation of courage, honesty, integrity, compassion, and mutual respect. It won’t happen overnight. First, we must dare to sincerely look inside and evaluate the causes of our pain, greed, jealousy, and suffering. Then, without blame, judgment, or criticism of ourselves (or others) we must claim responsibility for the beliefs and conditionings that have kept us in the old hologram. By doing this, we will reclaim our lost power to dream with intention and manifest a new and better reality.

Existence is in eternal celebration with no boundaries — national, religious, or political. It knows no births or deaths. It endlessly vibrates with Joy of changing moments of destruction and creation.

If enough people would wish to dream a New World with no nations or borders, no wars, pain or suffering, we can collectively create a world where balance, beauty and peace are the norm. I believe we have the power to do this. Together, we can harness the power of positive thought and create the needed energy to manifest a New World into reality.

Can you imagine a reality where everyone lives fearlessly exposing their utmost inner beauty? Can you imagine a world full of joy and celebration? I believe we’re ready for such a world, and if we can collectively dream such a world, we can manifest it into a reality. Enough of us have already developed the compassion to wish not only for personal gain, but to wish abundance and well-being for all life.

If each conscious being will fearlessly express their inner wisdom and creativity, there will be no limit to the abundance of love, creativity and joy that we can collectively materialize into our every day living on this planet. Together, we can dream into being a New World that is not ego-based but love- and consciousness-based. We can dream that we are collectively letting go of what isn’t real in us and around us, and allow our human glory to shine forth. We can dream that we are transforming this world into a paradise.

Set Aside Fear

We have lived in the old dream for too long. Existence now offers us an opportunity to change and transform into something greater than we have ever before imagined possible. Just like stars that are born out of chaos, we now have an opportunity to turn this planet into heaven if we dare to dream a new dream.

To give birth to a new human and a new Star Nation and leave behind a fruitful soil for our children and grandchildren, we must be willing to dream and live a world of higher vibration and consciousness.

Let’s not be afraid to dream this New World in its full glory. Let’s not resist the changes that are taking place. Let’s fearlessly sing our own unique song in the orchestra of millions of voices, because each voice counts.

The whole universe belongs to us and is our home. Let’s surrender our differences, our fear of the unknown, and trust that we have the power to create a paradise on Earth for ourselves, and everyone else living on this planet. Let’s remember that existence loves us and always takes care of us. Let’s take a new look at our challenges; let’s see them as teachers, waiting to reveal what we need to learn so that we may evolve into more conscious beings. Let’s dream of a New World structure, where we take our healing and our well-being into our hands; let’s bravely say, “Yes!” to the joy within us and around us.

Love, goodness, and joy are intrinsically in the core of each one of us, regardless of how rich or poor. Our differences are very superficial. If we peel away the layers of what is artificial and untrue in us and embrace self-responsibility in all aspects of our lives — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual — we will collectively create a kinder and more compassionate world. (You are invited to share your dream of the New World at www.DreamaNewWorld.org )

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by Eliza Mada Dalian
Eliza Mada Dalian is the author of In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness. She is a visionary, mystic, spiritual guide, and the founder of a groundbreaking new healing method DHM (Dalian Healing Method). For more information and schedule of events please visit, www.madadalian.com.