Dreaming True By Robert Moss

Who can resist an easy, convenient and essentially costless guide to better health, well-being and spiritual awareness? According to Robert Moss in Dreaming True, nobody has to!

Dreaming True is a compilation of experiences and advice designed to assist you through your dreams so you might find their relevance in waking life and act on them. From historical figures to personal friends, Robert Moss explains how dreams have helped people avoid injury, progress in the workplace, change history and more. From the Underground Railroad to the driver’s seat of your car, a dream is waiting to tell you more.

I mentioned the Underground Railroad. Harriet Tubman, a major player in the quest to end slavery, frequently used her dreams to guide slaves to safer locations along the Underground Railroad.

Robert Moss said that Harriet would take spontaneous “naps” in the middle of an escape to receive dream guidance to keep from being found. Being one of the most successful or at least most heard of Underground Railroad participants, it is not hard to believe that she did receive this guidance, keeping her out of the hands of her pursuers.

After reading Dreaming True, I am already seeing more connections with my dreams and waking life. A dream could be a simple matter of a small broken window or something as serious as hitting a deer, familiarizing yourself with these dreams is no less important than having a phone with you in case they come true. Additionally, the quantity and quality of the dreams I’ve experienced since then have increased dramatically. For example, I now remember colors of backgrounds and textures of surfaces more readily upon waking. I attribute this to an increased awareness of whether or not I am in fact dreaming.

Without question, Robert Moss has succeeded and exceeded his goal of expressing the importance and usefulness of dreams. By suggesting ideas and backing them up with experiences that anyone can relate to, it is hard not to look back on the book as a work of facts.

I recommend this book, Dreaming True by Robert Moss, to anyone interested in dreams. You will take more than just a few good dreams from this book.

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by Eugene Kelly
Robert Moss leads innovative programs all over the world and is actively engaged in research projects that include the applications of conscious dreaming techniques to healing and care for the dying; creative innovation and conflict resolutions; dream education in schools; and future science. His many publications include Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life (Crown), Dreamgates: An Explorer's Guide to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death(Three Rivers Press), Dreaming True, the novels The Firekeeper and The Interpreter, and the popular audio series Dream Gates: A Journey into Active Dreaming (Sounds True).