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Article first appeared in Prediction Magazine, January 06, page 21.

For all of our recorded history, it appears that we humans have been trying to ‘tame’ the elements of earth, wind, water and fire; instead of accepting their power over us in making our lives possible. On a global scale, we are now becoming more aware of the collective effects of the disturbances to the environment caused by humans.

Water responded with the Tsunami, The Wind through the hurricanes of Katrina and Wilma; the Earth through recent earth quakes in South Asia and Fire spoke loud and clear in last summer’s unstoppable wood fires. If you look back to ancient scripture and mythology, you will find an abundant theme of “the wrath” of nature’s forces which wiped out cities and whole civilizations.

On a personal level, however, how do you relate to these fundamental forces or elements? ‘Making peace’ with the elements is core to our spiritual awareness and oneness with the universe that we share, bringing harmony into our personal life. Simply put, befriending the elements can be achieved through acknowledging their influence and integrating them into your daily life without creating ‘disturbances’ that can lead to dis-ease in our lives as well as environment.

The Chinese recognised this and developed Feng Shui in order to regulate the flow of these energies to create harmony. We all exist within the domain of natural forces; and science is increasingly telling us that our world is holistic, holographic, and interconnected.

We align ourselves with the frequencies of peace and harmony when we acknowledge that we are all part of the same universe. Isn’t it time we honour these forces?

During the recent hurricane that swept Florida, I feared for a friend’s life. She sent an email replying:

“I’m fine, having made it through yet another powerful hurricane. I spent a good five hours, doing energy work around my apartment as trees, power lines, and other objects crashed, smashed, and flew by. My apartment takes the brunt of a storm from all directions for the entire building and since I don’t have hurricane shutters, I could see what was going on outside… It was quite terrifying, but I never let up on my energy work – particularly surrounding this building with light.. Hurricanes, like all acts of nature, are powerfully transformational. It is always better to have respect for her and bend with the wind, than resist.”

And the elements seemed to respond. My friend’s building was one of the first buildings to have power restored out of millions. Even the buildings across the street don’t have electricity yet.

From experience, many ‘quick fix’ remedies can work- at least once. However, when dealing with natural forces a greater understanding and developing a working partnership with them is needed; rather than trying to ‘tame’ them according to a personal prescription.

Spiritual Feng ShuiHere are few suggestions:


Money, prosperity, physical health and wellbeing all fall under the domain of Earth energies. When you wish to access these, give a little back to Earth.

Show your appreciation to plants, trees, herbs and flowers by mentally complimenting their beauty and benefits. Recycle, and buy green. Having fresh flowers indoors raise ‘earth vibes’ in your home (my preference is for scented ones). Burry few pennies now and then, thanking earth elementals for the abundance and good health you are about to receive (or have just received)!

Wind (air):

We would not be here if it weren’t for the air we breathe.

Be conscious that air supports you as you breathe. Instead taking it for granted when you ‘huff and puff’, ask it to ease your situation as you breathe. When flying and you are up in the clouds, mentally ask for permission to enter the domain of Wind, and ask that you are given a safe and smooth passage.


We are 70% water, and our human brain is about 90% water. Our Planet is mostly water too. Water is a ‘conductor’ of energy.

Honour this element that responsible for your chemistry, well being, and in fact for our life on earth. Try not squander water resources. Before you drink a glass of water, or as you prepare your cup of tea of coffee, stir in good wishes and give thanks. Positive thoughts will energise the water in your drink- notice how the taste also improves! When you have a cold, a bad cough, or taking medication; hold the glass of water between both hands and close to your forehead; mentally send thoughts to the water asking for quick recovery. Notice how quickly this works on children!


Life, without light is unimaginable. We mark numerous occasions by lighting candles, hoping the light would reach The Light.

As you light a candle, ask that more light comes into your life giving clearer vision. When you put the light out, remember to send the light those who need it most.

© Sahar Huneidi, 2006

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by Sahar Huneidi
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