Exposed, Uncovered and Declassified: Is Anybody Out There? Original Essays by Experts in the Field by Stanton Friedman, K. Marden and more

Exposed, Uncovered and Declassified:

New Evidence and Revelations of UFOs and Aliens

“I am convinced that UFOs exist because I have seen one.” – President Jimmy Carter

Exposed, Uncovered and Declassified: Is Anybody Out There? Original Essays by Experts in the Field by Stanton Friedman, K. Marden and moreSan Francisco, CA— In an unprecedented gathering of the knowledge and insight of the world’s leading experts on modern ufology, the new book, Exposed, Uncovered, and Declassified: UFOs & Aliens reveals new evidence of famous sightings and contact with aliens, and uncovers classified files from archives that have been hidden, until now.

Erich von Daniken, author of Chariot of the Gods discusses modern attempts at combining DNA and the theory of aliens creating hybrids on earth.

Former radio talk show host of Into the Unknown, educator and international speaker, Jim Moroney, discusses his own abduction by aliens and the rationale behind alien intervention.

Nuclear physicist and world‐renowned UFO expert Stanton T. Friedman discusses how close we really are to interstellar travel.

Former member of the British Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope covers the latest UFO documents released by the UK’s National Archives: what Churchill knew, why documents are being released now and what’s still being withheld.

Air Force veteran Thomas J. Carey chronicles the military’s attempts to intimidate people into not telling their stories about what they have witnessed.

The niece of Betty and Barney Hill, Kathleen Marden, gives a short history of cases of alien abduction that continue to baffle the public and UFO investigators.

Nick Redfern takes a fresh look at the 1953 UFO crash in Kingman, Arizona, exploring the government program to reverse‐engineer alien spacecraft.

John White looks comprehensively at the UFO phenomenon and discusses the entire range of theories and supporting data offered to explain UFOs. ʺNo single explanation can cover the whole subject,ʺ White says. ʺThe phenomenon is real and has many aspects to it covering many levels of reality.ʺ He concludes that the UFO experience has both a physical and a metaphysical dimension. UFOs involve the human mind and psychic/paranormal phenomena, he says. He cites evidence to show that some aspects of the UFO experience come from ʺinner spaceʺ as well as outer space in a strange mixture which calls into question our conventional concepts of space, time and consciousness.

The book contains more testimony and input from other notable ufology experts.

Is anybody out there? Apparently, yes there is, and finally we find out exactly what——or who——they are.

Fans of the newly released film “Paul” will love this book. Paul is the story of two sci‐fi geeks who make a pilgrimage to Americaʹs UFO heartland where they meet an alien named Paul who brings them on a crazy road trip that alters their lives forever.

Title: Exposed, Uncovered, and Declassified, UFOs & Aliens: Is Anybody Out There? (

Pub Date: June, 2011

Editors: Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley

(Original Essays From Stanton T. Friedman, Nick Pope, Thomas J. Carey, Donald Schmitt, Giorgio Tsoukalos, Kathleen Marden, Nick Redfern, and more)

Publisher: New Page Books, a division of Career Press

ISBN: 978-1-60163-173-2

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Format: Paperback, 256 pages, 6” x 9”

Category: UFOs/Conspiracy

by Maggie Chenet, Warwick Associates
Michael Pye has been an acquisitions editor for New Page Books since 2003. He developed a healthy appetite for the unexplained by watching too many episodes of “In Search Of”, as hosted by Leonard Nimoy, after school instead of doing his homework. Besides becoming an avid devotee of the strange and unexplained, he earned a BA in English from Southern Connecticut State University.--Kirsten Dalley has functioned in various editorial capacities at New Page Books since 2004. She is coauthor of The Nightmare Encyclopedia, along with Jeff Belanger. She graduated from Columbia University with a BA in comparative literature, which has proven to be of use in both her career and her leisure pursuits (reading fiction and riding sport bikes).