Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer by Susan Liberty Hall

Susan Liberty Hall heard it all. The biopsy, the mastectomy, the chemo, the radiation. It’s what the doctors insisted she do when they found the three lumps in her breast. Yet she had seen how her mother had suffered in the last year of life, following doctor’s directives after being diagnosed with colon cancer. Susan had been her caregiver until the end.

But instead Susan asked for guidance. And on that one day in meditation, she was guided to open a file in her desk where she had stored information on holistic treatments for cancer during her mother’s decline. And there it was, an ancient Native American remedy still produced today by one family called “Two Feathers Healing Formula.” Eschewing aggressive and angry reproaches from her doctors, Susan started the regimen. And within weeks, watched as 18–not three–cancerous lumps literally begin to expunge from an open wound in her breast, tumors that she still actually has in specimen jars.

But what was happening to her was in direct contrast to what her beloved brother was experiencing. Diagnosed with cancer at nearly the same time, he chose to go the traditional medical route. He wouldn’t hear of an alternative, like many people today, placing his trust in his doctors. And as she healed, he declined. She watched in sorrow as her dear brother–Los Angeles Laker’s owner Jerry Buss–lost his fight against cancer.

And so Susan Liberty Hall has dedicated her small but powerful book to her brother and his legacy of love. Ha, I Laugh in the Face of Cancer (Inkwell Productions) chronicles her struggles in life–a survivor of her husband’s suicide and descent into debt–and her brother’s compassionate rescue and her transformation from near-poverty to a highly successful businesswoman and distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. A woman who lived a healthy and holistic lifestyle and refused to be bullied into a path she didn’t feel was right for her–and believes is wrong for all of us.

The goal of Ha, I laugh in the Face of Cancer is to provide simple solutions for complex problems. Some of Susan’s solutions are: taking responsibility for your own healing from Cancer, as well as many other diseases, and removing the decision making from Medical Doctors to your own Great God Self! You are the determiner of your fate! You will decide the Set of your Sails and the destination that will Chart your ship, because you are the “Captain of Your Ship”.

For more information, or to order the book, go to:

www.hailaughinthefaceofcancer.com or www.inkwellproductions.com

by Staff