Healer, Jerry Wills

Jerry Wills has always felt what he calls “life force essence” surrounding living things. When it first started, he didn’t realize other people were not aware of it. Ultimately he learned to keep his “intuitive flashes” and comments to himself.

He grew up on a remote farm in Kentucky that provided quite a few years of seclusion from the rest of the world. As he became a teenager, he started to get a better understanding of how energy moves through all living things: from plants, to animals and humans. In time his gift progressed to where he was able to help himself and others.

It was in the the spring of 1973 that he was exploring his belief system and the beliefs of others. It was growing vastly apparent that he had a gift for healing. He soon began providing this as a ministry. Jerry learned an important lesson about God and his relationship with the Creator. His gift only asked him to love, and be true to himself.

On November 11th at 11am 1981, Jerry Wills had a near death experience after falling from the top of an airplane hanger. During the experience he was shown and told by “someone” what his potential role in helping others would be, if he allowed his gift to fully mature and grow. He was encouraged to help others with much thanks to another healer who had a similar gift.

In 1999 Jerry unintentionally became known to the public. This was quite by accident, for he did not plan the publicity. FOX TV ran a story and aired a segment about his assistance to a man near death and comatose, during the winter of 1998. The medical community had completely exhausted their attempts to help this man, and before Jerry Wills arrived, gave him a 10% chance of survival…that man is alive and well today. To view the Fox TV clip of Jerry Wills, click here. For more information on Jerry Wills, please visit his website at www.jerrywills.com Coming soon: A Book of Miracles… HEALER The Jerry Wills Story by Rod Haberer

by Dena Marie Kelly
"I enjoy this work. My greatest rewards come from seeing the faces of clients and their families once they realize the problem (or symptoms) have vanished. To date I have assisted in what many consider miracles. The blind have been brought from darkness, the near dead have returned to health and the terminally ill have recovered their lives. I have seen those with cancer, AID's and long lists of medical conditions with terms only doctors understand. These to me are miracles, a validation God exists..." Jerry Wills