Healing into Consciousness: An Article by Eliza Mada Dalian

The Earth is suffering because we are suffering. Regardless of how much we feel separate from one another and the world around us, we all live on the same Earth and breathe the same air. What happens to the animals, trees, and humans anywhere on the planet affects us all. The differences between us are superficial. They only exist in our appearances and minds. Our diverse personalities, perceptions, body constitutions, and the different paths we take on our journey determine how we live in the external world. Internally, however, we are inseparably the same.

Our attachment to our identity creates our pain and suffering. To create a better world, we must first let go of our attachment to our differences. Every one of us needs healing from suffering created by our ideologies, fears, hatred, jealousy, arrogance, resentment, blame, judgments, and lust for power.

Our identification with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs keeps us in unconsciousness. We think if we get more money, the dream job, house, car, and perfect relationship we will be happy. Yet, when we do get what we want, we still feel unfulfilled and want more. We continue to follow our mind’s desires, even if they harm us, others, or our planet and its creatures. We continue to suffer when we fail to recognize that satisfaction and inner fulfillment can never be found outside of our being.

To find happiness, we need to surrender our ego-mind and grow in consciousness. Joy and peace are a direct result of a surrendered ego. To surrender the ego and grow in consciousness, we must look inside and understand that our ego-mind has nothing to do with our being. Our being is as mysterious and unknowable as the universe. It is untouched by the suffering created by our body and mind.

Love, joy, and peace always exist in the present moment independent of the past or the future. Joy is our true nature, an innate part of who we truly are. Our being has nothing to do with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or self-identity. Our being does not need healing — it is already healthy by nature. It is like the hollow core of the bamboo flute, empty and silent yet full of divinity and joy of creation when played. The music arises out of the hollow emptiness of the flute the way joy and love arise out of the emptiness of our being.

When we experience our inner truth, we unlock the door to the miraculous nature of existence, and, for the first time, recognize that we have everything we need within us. Our feelings of aloneness, insecurity, abandonment, alienation, and not feeling loved evaporate the moment we experience the purity of our silent being. Within this silence, there is balance, peace, freedom, love, health, and all the happiness we long for.

The closer we get to our transparent innocence, the healthier, more conscious, and whole we become. When we understand and experience first-hand that joy, peace, love, and abundance are the qualities of our own inner being, we begin to manifest the limitless creativity hidden within us.

Our being is our most precious treasure — the miracle that we all seek consciously or unconsciously. This miracle exists at the core of each one of us regardless of our gender, the color of our skin, our beliefs, or religion. To find this miracle, we must tear down our ego’s false identity and let go of our attachment to our beliefs, desires, and conditionings.

Experiencing and knowing the being has been called enlightenment, self-realization, awakening, liberation, and union with God. I call it healing into consciousness. Healing into consciousness includes both the search and the sudden moment of awakening to the truth that “I am what I have been searching for.” Like the phoenix that is reborn out of its own ashes, we are healed into consciousness through the fire of our destroyed ego-mind.

Excerpted from In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness by Eliza Mada Dalian

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In Search Of The Miraculous: Healing Into Consciousness by Eliza Mada Dalian


by Eliza Mada Dalian
Eliza Mada Dalian is a medical intuitive, oracle, mystic, hands-on healer, and spiritual guide, who after her awakening experience at age 33 has dedicated her life to helping others towards healing and inner transformation. In her work, Mada uses a groundbreaking new healing method that she developed, which can quickly transform psychological and physical pain and suffering into health and consciousness. Besides her healing practice, she also conducts Active Meditation workshops and Self-Awareness intensives and teacher training. Eliza Mada Dalian is the author of Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness by Expanding Universe Publishing.