Healing into Possibility: The Transformational Lessons of a Stroke by Alison Bonds Shapiro

Healing into Possibility: The Transformational Lessons of a Stroke by Alison Bonds ShapiroAlison Bonds Shapiro suffered two strokes, 24 hours apart. Today, after a remarkable recovery, she is a business consultant, college board chair, active grandmother, and motivational speaker. Healing into Possibility chronicles her experience as she discovered that how she brought herself to recovery would make all the difference in what happened to her after her stroke.

In the process of facing the depth of her injuries, Alison learned that her attitude could change everything. In this touching book, she teaches simple principles that anyone can use when faced with illness, injury, or any other seemingly insurmountable problem– principles like the art of the small goal, skillfulness and persistence, being creative, and letting go.

Positive, direct, and inspiring, this book shares Alison’s experiences and is also full of wonderful stories of others who show what is possible. We are there as Alison learns to walk again, faces the challenges in front of her one by one, and then applies the transformational lessons she has learned to the rest of her life.

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by Monique Muhlenkamp, New World Library
Alison Bond Shapiro works with stroke survivors and their families, offers motivational talks for rehabilitation patients and their care networks in numerous locations including a leading HMO in Northern California, and advises a nonprofit dedicated to stroke survivors. She is also a highly regarded business consultant and leads the board of trustees of a graduate school in San Francisco. Her website is www.healingintopossibility.com