I Know What I Saw, Produced by FCZ Media LLC for History

I Know What I Saw makes a compelling argument for the existence of UFOs. This powerful documentary brings together photos, videos, witness interviews and more to build a persuasive case for the multiple sightings and landings of unidentified aircraft that have occurred since World War II. What is astonishing is the mass of credible witnesses that director James Fox has pulled together for this film — there are retired astronauts, pilots, former presidents and governors, cops and members of the military among others — all either direct witnesses or participants in the investigations.

It’s interesting that in this day and age where a belief in the unseen and unproven is common — starting with ghosts, the power of prayer, guardian angels, and healing energy, to list just a few — the topic of UFOs remains a touchy subject. Over 80% of people surveyed say that they believe in the existence of UFOs, but if someone actually admits sighting one, then they think the witness is crazy. In fact, a few of the witnesses in this documentary report being ridiculed, discredited, and in a few cases had their careers derailed for opening their mouths about what they saw. As one man put it when someone challenged the veracity of the witnesses, “They had everything to lose, and nothing to gain.”

I Know What I Saw moves along at a good clip, spanning events around the globe and across the years since WWII. James Fox, the director and narrator, conducts many of the interviews and does a good job of getting witnesses and investigators to open up, as well as garnering details and supporting documentation. The cinematography is brisk, interspersing old photos and videos with the interviews and there are helpful animated reenactments. The real weight of the film however, comes from the mass of believable witnesses culled from around the world. Touchy subject or not, this is a film worth watching.


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by Cheryl Shainmark
I Know What I Saw: Produced by FCZ Media LLC for History, (c) 2009 A&E Television Networks Executive Producers Michael and Jackie Gardener,Mark Fraser, Pat and Tony Craddock Director James Fox, Writer James Fox, Jackie Gardener, Tom Christopher Narrated by James Fox