I’ll See You In My Dreams

Coming from a long line of women gifted with the “Second Sight,” I’ve known since I was a child that there are many ways for the Universe or individual souls to get in touch with you. One of the easiest ways is through our dreams, and I learned years ago to pay close attention to who shows up when I’m sleeping.

This is not exactly secret knowledge — there are books about the various types of dreams, such as precognitive, announcement dreams, vision quests, meeting your power animal, and more. Any of Robert Moss’ wonderful books teach the reader about these kind of dreams as well as about lucid dreaming and how to navigate through the different dream worlds.

One of the things that still fascinates me is the idea that we, as souls, can “travel” and see each other in our dreams. Expectant mothers have dreamed of their soon to be born children, sometimes even hearing the name that the child wants. Loved ones who are very ill may visit to say good bye, or relatives may get a warning dream that the death is immanent. My mother, Maureen Treanor, showed up in my dreams to tell me that she was dying. I also learned that souls who have already crossed over may show up to give advice or to help others make the transition. When my father died he appeared to her almost immediately, promising to come back for her later when her time came. Years later, a few weeks before my mother’s death, she told me that she had a dream of my father opening a doorway and inviting her to go through with him.

If I could give any advice from my years of psychic and dream work, it would be this: to keep a dream journal and record everything you remember upon awakening. Over time, you will find that the number of predicted events and special communications goes far beyond any room for coincidence. Then you too can enjoy your dream visitors.

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by Merryn Jose
A professional spiritual intuitive, writer and teacher; who lives in Westchester, New York. She comes from a long lineage of practicing Celtic psychics. Her web site is a regularly updated resource of Holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties, featuring podcast interviews with cutting edge minds on MerlianPodcasts.com. Merryn is also the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the online magazine, Merlian News.