IAN by Craig Junjulas

During times of great tribulation, messengers from the heavens have reached down to save humanity from falling into the pits of hell. This is one of those times. As we get to know Ian, the veil is lifted and we journey to the realms of these spiritual beings. Ian is considered a problem child because he claims to see energy, communicate with animals, and speak to spirits. He is a little boy who feels most comfortable when he is out of his clothes playing naked in the stream with the salamanders, but he is even more comfortable when out-of-body in the multidimensional realities where he becomes a powerful ethereal warrior; his credo — “What is the worth of a lightbearer who refuses to enter the dark?” He tries to adapt, and survive as a child, but his very existence on this planet has stirred the wrath of the oldest of demons. Excerpt from IAN: CHILDREN OF THE NEW AGE

You seek

The wisdom of our sayings

Mystic moments

Forgotten memories of oneness with the Creator

The healing power of our touch

Light of the sun and stars

You ask

Why are we eccentric, obvious, even strange?

Is conformity and practicality beyond our reach?

Are maturity and responsibility too great a request?

It is our bodies, minds, and spirits

Which are transformed by the journey

It is through our open hearts

That messages of love are etched into our souls

It is due to our meandering in the woods that wistful thoughts

Are transported to our inner minds by sunbeam and breeze

Whispered by the angels of wisdom

We answer to no man, woman or child

Only the quiet voice is our master

It is our high regard for what lies beyond time and space

Which inhibits the reign of temporal society

Our childish ways unlock the mysteries of life

Look to the clouds with our eyes and you will see the Glory of God

In the playful images chasing each other across the sky

Look into humanity and be prepared to mourn

We cry from a place so deep, you dare not go

Through our words you journey to comfort’s farthest edge

Alarm us awake,

Force us through schools of conformity

Extrude us into the work force

Seal us in day after day

Closed off from the earth and all her glory

And we will normalize

We will adopt a practical outlook

We will close our eyes once again

And sleep on the near side of the veil with you

And BE no more

by Craig Junjulas

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Craig Junjulas: Metaphysical Teacher, Clairvoyant, Author and Lecturer

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by Craig Junjulas
Craig Junjulas entered the metaphysical field in 1981 after spending seven years in scientific research and development for a Fortune 500 company. He is a metaphysical teacher, psychic consultant and spiritual counselor. Craig is a nationally recognized speaker and has hosted his own radio programs in New York and Arizona. He is the author of Psychic Tarot, with over 100,000 copies sold, and is the author of numerous articles on personal growth and psychic development. Craig currently resides in Sedona, Arizona with his wife, Ann, and he is the founder of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association.