Interview with Icelandic Painters – Sólbjört and Ármann

***image1***Merlian News: Sólbjört and Ármann, how long have you been working together?

Sólbjört and Ármann: It’s kind of funny, it seems like we have been working together since the beginning of time but in fact we met for the first time a little over a year ago. It soon became obvious we are meant to work together so we decided to try it out, and here we are, working away.

Merlian News: I believe these symbols first came through dreams?

Sólbjört and Ármann: Yes they did and yet it is hard to say exactly how they first started coming through. The last year is almost like a blur, so much has happened. Besides working with the paintings we are working on many other projects. It’s fair to say we are trying out best to listen and do what is asked of us.

Merlian News: Who first started having the dreams? One or both of you?

Sólbjört and Ármann: In this work it seems there is really no distinction between the two of us. When new things are coming in, they come to us simultaneously. Perhaps an incident from the other day will explain it a little bit. We were at a store getting supplied, each getting something and by chance meet in one of the corridors. Both of us stopped short and thought there was a mirror there…

Merlian News: Is it true neither of you had been taught to paint professionally?

S & A: Yes, neither of us have any training at all in painting, professionally or otherwise. So it was kind of a leap (perhaps of faith) for us to pick up a brush and start painting in oils.

Merlian News: Was it difficult to learn to paint with oils?

***image2***S & A: As a matter of fact our guidance was to start using oils. We went about our work willingly enough but at first it was really a shock to be asked to do this. Like we said, we had no training whatsoever so it was a real “learn as you go”. Also in that aspect to let go of your own ego and listen to the guidance was a big lesson for us. The first tries often ended in tears, at least for Sólbjört, because she felt it was a sorry outcome. But as they say “live and learn”. It is amazing to watch how everything has evolved over the short 5 months we have been painting.

Merlian News: Where did the instructions come from?

S & A: We work with many different beings but the one we work with the closest is the being called St. Germaine. He is a vast being of many talents, the arts being one of them.

Merlian News: You say spirit taught you. Can you tell us more?

S & A: The big lesson in all of this for us was to let go and let spirit lead us. Two strong headed people that think they know can probably be a challenge for anyone! But seriously every little detail is watched over, we are still learning to listen and follow. But we are basically guided through everything, from what kind of soap for the brushes to the way of the strokes to exactly where on the canvas a certain symbol should be. It’s a lesson in listening for sure and we are still learning!

Merlian News: If you wish to paint a picture do you call on spirit to assist you?

S & A: It’s really more like there is such an urgency on our guides part for these paintings to be done. For example, after completing this interview we are to make 7 new large paintings. They are already up on our “screen” and there is a real push to get them onto the canvas so they can start working. So without wanting to sound full of ourselves it is almost like spirit calling upon us to get these paintings, as well as other symbol connected projects, out there.

Merlian News: In what form do you receive the instruction?

S & A: Soon after we met we found out that for the both of us, from an early age St. Germaine had been with us, watching over and guiding. It’s really hard to explain exactly how things transpire but it’s not so much a voice or voices as being guided in every stroke of the brush. Of course there are others involved but we could say, St. Germaine being the main overseer of this work, that everything is done ceremoniously and precisely.

Merlian News: Does meditation play a big part in your work?

S & A: One could say not so much meditation as being somehow in a trance or altered state, totally guided, when working with the symbols and paintings.

***image3***Merlian News: How did people get to hear about your work?

S & A: Life is really amazing, it’s almost as if these paintings have a life of their own. At first, when we were figuring things out we made paintings that we experimented with ourselves. Then we were basically told to give paintings to certain people we work closely with for them to use. The next thing we know is we are preparing for an exhibit. The paintings need to be out there so we are trying our best to let them be seen in the world.

Merlian News: When did you give your first exhibition?

S & A: 3 months after we first touched brush to canvas we had our first exhibit in Iceland at the Center we run with other people. It was only a three day exhibit but people seemed to like what they saw. The paintings in this first cycle are as a whole called “Dimensions” and need to be further exhibited. We are still working hard on this cycle. Once we complete it at least 4 more are waiting to be made. It seems, from what we are getting, the ones to come will be a bit more complex technique wise so our consensus is to start really paying attention and listening well.

Merlian News: What are your plans for the future? Perhaps an exhibition in the United States?

S & A: Our plans involve listening! Like we said there are other cycles waiting to be painted. We have already started teaching seminars we were given and are working on several others that will soon be available for teaching. We also have blueprints of various tools that are meant to be made. All resources. Our job is to get these paintings, seminars, and tools far and wide. We would really like to give an exhibition in the United States, after all there is a special connection there. If anyone reading this is interested in hosting an exhibit we welcome contact. We will see what spirit brings our way…

Thank you Sólbjört and Ármann we look forward to seeing much more of your work.

For more information and to view other paintings you can go to They can be contacted through there or you can send an e-mail to

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by Merlian News
Sólbjört Guðmundsdóttir and Ármann Eydal Albertsson are Icelanders living and working in Iceland. They run their Company, Aeon, in the heart of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. As well as working on projects related to the symbols they run a Holistic Center called "World of Light" with friends. Armann has a background in business and Sólbjört in classical singing and various disciplines of the healing arts.